Everyone should read 'You:on a diet' and 'Natural Cures' and watch the Documentary 'Supersize me'

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Posted: 17 Oct 2007, 09:08
They will change the way you look at or think about food and how you shop for food! I moved here 10 years ago and gained 30 pounds in the first year. I am now convinced that it's all the processed foods, chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and whatever other additives they add to make america obese. Of course it doesn't help that we drive more and walk less here. Besides increase the shelf-life and wallets of the food industry do we know what all these additives do to our health. The pharmaceutical and medical industry certainly benefit from an obese america more than a healthy / trim one.
Food for thought.... ?!

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Posted: 15 Jan 2008, 00:19
I totally agree with you on this. I think we are overprocessed, over supersized. . . .our animals and produce are given drugs/hormones or fertilizers to supersize them and then when we eat them we get the same supersizing drugs. It is very disgusting and I think the only way to get around it is to go back to the natural stuff. When I see a chicken breast that looks like it should fit on my chest not a chickens, I don't want it because I know it did not get that large naturally. I think our governement is not helping us by allowing these drugs and hormones into our food, so the farmers/growers get a bigger paycheck.

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Posted: 15 Jan 2008, 00:33
AMEN!! Natural, natural, natural!!! We are being KILLED by our own governments making a buck. The rate at which our country is killing itself with food, is astronomical!!! I HIGHLY recommend you all pick up a book called: The Metabolic Syndrome, by Karlene Karst. It talks about obesity and health and glycemic index and supplements and foods... it's written in laymans terms and I learned a lot from this book. It's really scary to think of how quickly only a small amount of our country was over weight and how quickly the healthy will be the minority, not the majority as it was only 10 short years ago. We should all take note and pass along this scary info to everyone we know... EAT HEALTHY... EAT ORGANIC... EAT SENSIBLY... or we'll not be here much longer. I for one, felt fore-warned after learning the stats of our countries obesity levels in the past 10 years and then the future 10. We CAN CHANGE THIS... I believe we have to DEMAND it from our government, and only by fresh, organic stuff.. from veggies to meat, to dairy!! Well.... that's my 2 cents. Mad

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Posted: 15 Jan 2008, 02:37
As consumers, it's up to us to educate ourselves on the various types of foods our culture has. Some of the foods we eat taste good going down, but it's slowly (very slowly) deteriorating our bodies & our health. The foods that are advertised as all natural, is it really? Natural foods don't have a bunch of additives in it like high fructose corn syrup, or artificial food coloration, and the other big chemical words. That's why educating ourselves is the key so we can be able to read between lines of the ads hype. What I've found out is that most real natural foods don't have a long shelf life. So an "all natural" food that has a long expiration date (over a couple of weeks) usually means there are other additives in it (that your body actually doesn't need) to preserve it for a longer shelf life. Longer shelf life means more revenue & profit. I mean C'mon, an all natural breakfast cereal that has an expiration date of July-2009! Pulleese!

We've already heard what the big name food providers have to say about food. That's why they advertise so much...to get our money. But take some time out and listen to what people like organic farmers, and natural foods nutritionists have to say. Or doctors who practice (and have proven time & time again) that a lot of our diseases, pains, & bad health can be cured simply by eating whole natural foods instead taking medicine. So again, education is key! Cool
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Posted: 15 Jan 2008, 05:53
Be careful who's information you trust. Just as you wouldn't trust the food industry to tell you what to eat for health, don't blindly trust the other side either.

You: On A Diet was a pretty good book and I really like the illustrative style those two guys use in their books. I don't agree with all of the nutritional advice they give, but they have to walk the line of "traditional wisdom" if they want to keep their cushy place in the spotlight (Oprah's show, TLC specials, etc.)

Supersize Me was propaganda specifically targeted at appealing to anyone who wants to blame their weight loss and poor health on someone else. The opposing documentary, FatHead, is about a comedian who eats nothing but fast food for a month and improves his health.

If you're talking about Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About then I feel I have to warn you that the author, Kevin Trudeau, agreed not to do any more infomercials selling products or services because several infomercials he helped create were false and misleading. He's able to sell books because of the First Amendment, but I really would suggest you don't use them for anything other than propping up a wobbly table. (Source)

Personally, I'd recommend the book Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes if you want to read about the lies we've been fed over the years. It documents centuries of research to make its point -- over 1/4 of the book is bibliography!

"There's no doubt that the Atkins diet will lower your cholesterol, weight and blood pressure and get rid of your diabetes, but then what?" asked Dr. Robert Rosati, the cardiologist who runs The Rice Diet Program Clinic, granddaddy of Durham's diet centers.

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Posted: 15 Jan 2008, 08:13
Canada isn't doing much better than the US when it comes to obesity. I must say, though, that the US does go supersize more than Canada. Some chain restaurants where you would expect things to be consistent (like McDonald's,etc.) have sizes much larger for drinks, etc. in the states.
Canada's most popular coffee shop is Tim Horton's and they just recently moved into the American market in some cities. My husband went to Eerie, Penn. and bought a medium coffee at the Tim Horton's there. It was the size of a large here in Canada!
The food and drug industry is out for profit and they don't care who they hurt in the process! You just have to be conscious of what you are eating and try to make sensible choices the majority of the time.
My family rarely eats take out. My husband is the only regular restaurant goer due to his job. As a family we might eat out at a restaurant once a month at the most. I'm shocked when I hear how much other people eat out. I wonder how they can afford it both in their pocket books and their waistlines!


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