Want to lose but don't want to workout in a gym?

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Posted: 18 Mar 2010, 19:35
Have you had this experience? You want to lose weight and get fit but don't have a gym membership or better yet, don't want to hit the gym (for whatever reason) and don't want to work out outside until you feel more in shape. AND you know that a part of losing weight is exercising. So what do you do? Find a good show(approx 1 hour long and preferably not the food channel) or put in a great CD and start to walk/jog in place. if you have a heart rate monitor, make sure you stay between 60%+ during that hour and you'll find that you burn 500+ calories, if not more. On alternating days you can mix in some dumbbell workouts to shape you upper body and jumping jack to shape your lower body...I do that a couple days in a week because I don't have a gym membership..I usually like to workout outside but lately it's been cold, and while i have an option to walk downstairs in my apartment and use the treadmill there, it gets so boring without a T.V. or music. So I've been doing this and I use a heart rate monitor (in 1 hour I burn 500+ calories keeping my heart rate at 70%+). I also like this option because it's the only time I can run/walk in my socks. Try it. Before you know you're looking your best and people have no idea how you pulled off!
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Posted: 18 Mar 2010, 20:56
I used to have a "Softstep" its like a box 5" high that had a little give to it and I would put it in front of the TV and just step up and down, it works and its cheap..any box would do. A can of soup in each hand makes good weights while you are stepping.
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Posted: 18 Mar 2010, 23:44
There is a weighted hula-hoop product which I fell in love with and just had to order for myself once I saw how a co-worker lost weight and reshaped her body with it. (She of course followed a low carb diet too). In any case, it is pretty great to work out with in your own home (it will leave you bruised the fisrt couple of days) and I prefer it over my treadmill which in fact, I use to hang clothes on - hee hee! I will try to find the name and website of the hula-hoop thingy and will post. Honestly though it is great.

Okay, that wasn't too hard. Here is the official sight (or at least the one I ordered from): http://www.sports-hoop.com/, but in doing the search, I see there are some available on ebay and amazon. Not sure if they are the same or not as I didn't click, but it may be something you may want to look into if you don't want to do the gym thing (which I don't either).

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Posted: 19 Mar 2010, 08:14
I know it can cost money, but I use a wii fit and it is great. There are other products out there like it also. You can do different things and listen to music or something on the computer if you want.
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Posted: 19 Mar 2010, 09:32
Exercisetv.tv ... I have excercise on demand, it comes with my cable! Its free and they have dozens of options! You can download the videos to your computer as well, but that is $3.99 or so ! But I work out in my bedroom all alone for the same reason!
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Posted: 19 Mar 2010, 13:10
I didn't want to go the gym either...always had the attitude that I needed to get a bit fit first or I would feel stupid! But I finally joined and now I love it....If I miss more than a day or two I am itching to go back....I finally have the attitiude I am doing this for ME and on't care what enyone else thinks Smile most people are there for the same reason! (well except the woman who tried to take my husband jogging! LOL)

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Posted: 19 Mar 2010, 13:24
I love the gym too Smile Can't say I loved it when I was 287, but it did help! For me, I need a compartmentalized time to work out. If I say I'm going to work out at home or go for a walk... it's too easy to do something else instead Smile

Now that I'm one of the more "in shape" people, I have to tell you I look at all the "out of shape" people with great admiration for trying something so hard. I always want to go up to them and tell them they are doing awesome and they can do it! But I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. So just know that some people might be judging badly (hey, they might do that in the grocery store too) but others are proud of you and are impressed with your conviction to get started!
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Posted: 20 Mar 2010, 07:18
honestly, i loved the gym when i had my membership, but between finances and the baby, i am not able to have that right now. and the wii is great (although now that it's beautiful outside, i've been opting to get my cardio pushing the baby around... going to enjoy every second, since its going to get ugly again by monday...sigh) and every bit as sweat provoking as the gym was, if i hit it hard enough. (i have fit plus, active, more active, golds gym, and the biggest loser game... i get bored too fast! =)) but i've also found you can watch the 8 minute workout series, adn a bunch of other short workouts, on youtube... so that's a quick, free way to come up with new exercises. and i did jog in place last night, while watching the biggest loser... muhahaha. nothin like bob and jillian to keep you going the entire half an hour! =).

warning, if you have hardwood floors like i do... put something down... my ankles sure hurt from jogging like that.

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Posted: 20 Mar 2010, 08:02
Nobody really needs a gym. It's just convenient. Rocky was creative Smile lol all winter I used videos. With the beautiful weather I'm out with the stroller.

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Posted: 05 Apr 2010, 12:08
I'm afraid I can't manage without my elliptical at home. It packs in lots of fat-burning calories for a small amount of time (1Kcals/hr), is gentle on the joints and you can get on it whenever you have the inclination, rain, shine, snow or wind.

While I exercise, I watch the neighbors go out on their walks and come back and I've achieved more than twice their calorie burn, haven't risked being run-over and have got the heart rate pumping, all in the convenience of my own home.

I have used equipment in hotel gyms and it's good, for those that need it, to have others there to motivate you by watching how little they actually do Shock The best was the guy who walked on the treadmill, holding his book with both hands and reading his novel - I wouldn't call his speed anything near walking!

Advice: Consider the extended warranty. My Reebok elliptical is 4.5 years old and the 4-year warranty cost $119. I have replaced parts that cost maybe 5 times the cost of the warranty, including all the bearings, a fatigued main shaft and the regularly-wrecked polyurethane bumpers under the foot pads that lasted only a very short time and cost $50 each!

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Posted: 06 Apr 2010, 11:02
Netflix workout videos, even though it is getting nice out it is so hot and everyone is running, tons of people blah! 10 minute solution videos are really good, carb burner is my favorite.

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Posted: 12 Apr 2010, 14:15
Ok lol i loved your message i am the same way but desided i was going to walk the neighbor hood for 30 min a day UH ya that lasted 2 days!!! but my daughter bought this gam on her wii its called JUST DANCE... OMG ITS GREAT, it has all kinds of music and it has dance steps you have to keep up with ( dont get me wrong i almost peed laughing so hard when my boys were shaking there hips like girls but it was so much fun i started doing it everyday oh ya you can have 2 left feet and still do great!!!!!
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Posted: 12 Apr 2010, 14:20
That sounds like fun. I find that if I can have fun while I'm working out I will stick with it so much better. I might have to get the game & try it.
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Posted: 15 Apr 2010, 23:15
haha i love just dance! and it actually makes you so tired ^^
i need to buy it o:
DDR is also pretty good, you can go on workout mode and it'll tell you how many calories you burn.. plus its super addictive, and you're not likely to get bored too soon!

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Posted: 20 Apr 2010, 09:55
I use the DDR on wii as well. I try to do it for about 45 min a day. If you do the more intense modes you can really break a sweat. Smile

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Posted: 21 Apr 2010, 11:38
im trying to look for ddr for wii whats that im getting a wii next week

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Posted: 21 Apr 2010, 12:58
never mind i found it

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Posted: 23 Apr 2010, 10:04

Maybe this link will be helpful? Idk I saw it on one of my facebook groups and thought of this forum thread.....

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