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Posted: 06 Apr 2020, 09:14
Good morning everyone. This is a bit off topic, but here goes. What is everyone doing to stay mentally healthy during this serious time ? On top of the stress of covid-19 threat, I am recovering from a major surgery so I have already been at home for longer than most people, my elderly parents are not being very compliant about staying home, my youngest and his family live in NY, blah, blah, blah. I had a meltdown yesterday and it was not pretty.

I am listening to music, trying to spend time outdoors on my porch and reading. I can't dig in the garden yet, and can't exercise just yet. My surgery post op has been cancelled and I am waiting on a telehealth appt. to get clearance for other activity.

I have been through some tough times in my life, loss of husband and child and weathered it much better than I am dealing with the fear and anxiety of what's going on right now .

What are you doing to weather this storm ?

Thanks and love and light and health to all.


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Posted: 07 Apr 2020, 17:00
Having a set routine with clear goals for the day helps to keep you focused, get out if you can for some fresh air at least once a day

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Posted: 08 Apr 2020, 12:30
sleep, reading, meditation, exercise, cold showers, intermittent fasting, and being consistent about those things has helped me. Like Spacey said, sticking to a routine is crucial.

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Posted: 09 Apr 2020, 08:59
Good morning Lippybeth! I hope things are going a little better for you. It would be easy right now for ANYONE to be overwhelmed and suffer depression. But if you are already prone to it, it's that much harder. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with so much pain.

You asked how others are dealing with the "storm", so I thought I'd share what's working for me.

I don't know if you belong to any Church or Faith, but for me, that is where I have turned.

I begin my day every morning in prayer. Placing my concerns before God, and asking Him to help me understand what His Will is in all of this. Then I open the Bible and let God speak through His Word.

Mid-day, I find the daily Mass online. The Priest's sermons relate the daily scripture to our current times. Their words remind us we've been through rough times before, but that Nothing is bigger than God. He brought us to this, and He will get us through. And in the end, when we see the Big Picture, all of this will make sense. This is God's opportunity to bring Good from evil, and Joy from pain. And our suffering can be joined to Christ's suffering on the Cross, which means we are able to participate in the saving of souls.

I don't mean to sound preachy, but this is what I hold onto, and it works for me. I will offer prayers for you today.

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Posted: 09 Apr 2020, 16:54
Here's my two cents worth:
1. When you wake up every morning, sit up and do 5 - 10 min. of meditation. Breathing deep and repeating a mantra of positive thoughts.
2. Get up and shower and get dressed. laying around in your comfies plays into your depression,doing this simple act is just part of self respect.
3. eat good healthy foods that will aid in your body's recovery and your mental attitude.
4. make a list of things you're grateful for. You woke up!yeah, you have fresh air to breathe and isn't it lovely now that there's less vehicles and air traffic?
5. Don't stress over things you have no control over. Stay informed but don't watch the news continually. I find once in the a.m. is enough to catch up on any new information I need.
6. Call a friend a see how they're doing. Sometimes people just need someone to listen and quite often helping others helps you forget your own problems.
7. Do one thing a day that you have thought about doing but just never got around to it. I took a whole afternoon to clean out my 'junk' drawer, amazing what I threw in there over the years.
and that's how I go through the day and music and books (and dark chocolateWink Wink )are lifesavers.
Best of luck to you and keep chatting here. You'll always get support.Smile
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Posted: 14 Apr 2020, 10:50
Amen to all the support on this much needed thread. We WILL get through this together. The most important advice is to keeping talking it out! Release yours concerns. Lippybeth, Bravo for reaching out! You made a tremendous leap of faith for being so transparent. That is what healing is all about. I applaud you! Keep looking up and believe the very best for yourself regardless of what you see! As a person believes in their heart so it shall be! Believe you are healed, believe things will get better! You are proof to all of us today... you had to believe and hope that something would’ve been said to help you... because you reached out first! Love, peace, faith and hope be yours today and forever more! God is with you, and you got this!!! Listen to the Christian music song “You Got This!” It’s a great upbeat song! Take good care of yourself! You got this!

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Posted: 21 Apr 2020, 08:08
My relaxations during this pandemic crisis are as follows:

- long hot showers
- watching movies at night (light stories only with happy ending)
- checking old photos
- daily communication with my family and relatives
- watching funny videos / vlogs (i avoid covid-19 updates)

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Posted: 25 Apr 2020, 16:17
Taking media breaks from the bad news. Finishing projects I never had time before. Planning my garden. I find focusing on this program (FS) really helped with the stress-eating. I daydream about stepping out of isolation looking lean and mean. But its hard. This is a very difficult time. Best of luck to you. We can get through this.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2020, 07:57
So much wonderful advice! I too have a daily meditation, Oprah has a 21 day program with Deepak Chopra and is wonderful. Also doing movement of any kind will help. I am lightly jogging in the house (pollen is too high!) but I am determined to get at least 5000 steps a day. News can be tough so I would listen once a day and then call or email my family and friends just to get connected. Zoom is our go to for "seeing" the family and some friends as well. Make a daily gratitude list and leave them where you can see them! Eat healthy, I do intermittent fasting and gives my digestive system a rest and my mind as well. No planning of what I need to eat between 8pm till lunchtime. Saving alot of money too. Hang in there!

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Posted: 01 May 2020, 11:30
I typically go for a run when I am having a hard time, but since this pandemic started the park has been empty and slightly unnerving. I have found that praying helps me feel at peace in this crazy time. When everyone is tripping, God is the most steady, so it's logical to hang onto him with all the power I have left.

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