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Hey why you want your account to be deleted.

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Submitting a picture to the food database.
It seems silly that I can't edit a food that is already in the database and add a picture of the Nutrition Facts from the box to the edits I'm making to the food to demonstrate why I'm cha ...
by drmeow on 26 Jan 21 01:24 PM
by emrullahzci3 on 24 Jan 21 04:59 PM
How do I delete a premium subscription
I am unable to find where I can cancel a premium subscription on the app or on the website. Please help. Thanks
by ling1192 on 21 Jan 21 04:16 PM
How to remove Google Fit from Fatsecret acct
You have to sign out of google fit(I also deleted the app). I believe the app only works with fitbit and samsung watch right now. I had trouble syncing my Fitbit until I signed out of google fit.
by Scooter 421 on 18 Jan 21 04:53 PM
Where have printable Reports gone?
I can do reports on my adroid still and also browser. For browser you need to be in your food area and then click the print icon
by liv001 on 14 Jan 21 12:53 PM

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