Different number in diary and in diet calendar


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Posted: 15 Oct 2020, 13:46
Hello, I've been using the app for Android for five days now, everything seems very helpful to me and easy to use daily. I have only one problem. When I'm in my daily diary I seem to have several calories remaining to reach my goal,but for the same day in the diet calendar it shows that I have passed my daily calorie intake. For example, today my diary shows 1333 calories from the optimal 1900, but my diet calendar shows 1989 calories, 105% of my daily ones.
Is there something wrong ? Or is something calculated differently ?
Thank you in advance!
- Fot

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Posted: 27 Oct 2020, 19:58
Hmm! Some guesses: Could it be that the FS page needs refreshing between uses? Also, perhaps double check that you're comparing the diary total and the number on the specific calendar day, as opposed to the average calories at the top of the page. Beyond that I'm out of guesses. Unless you are checking each on different devices. I enter FS info on three devices and often need to refresh to "catch up" with what I've entered on each. Sorry you're having problems. Good luck!

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