My name is esha and I am new


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Posted: 22 Aug 2020, 08:15

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Hi esha

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Nice to meet you! I also really like this forum!

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I am in the journey of education myself to eat healthy portions!
I am a student, and Students always eat very poorly, this is primarily reflected in their health. Can you advise how to normalize the student's regime so that you can eat well and study well?
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New to fatsecret, just saying hello to the community!
Howdy all, My name is Wil! I'm 41, married, with 5 kids (aged 5-18). I left MFP because of them trying to squeeze a nickle out of every feature on their site. fatsecret seems to have what I need for ...
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Resolute Senior lady over 60 into every other day dieting?
75-yr-old woman. "Every other day dieting? or every other day fasting? I have heard every other day fasting is excellent for health benefits but have never hear of every other day dieting. I do fast ...
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Persevering thru injury
Hello all, I am new to Fatsecret, so glad I found it! I'm trying to lose another 20 pounds before going to doctor. Need my A1c to be lower. I was doing pretty good, then plantar fasciitis, set in, ...
by taywatty on 02 Oct 20 05:35 AM
fatsecret - awesome sight
:) Hey - I'm new. This is my 3rd day using this sight and I love it. So easy to use and full of lots of great ideas but I especially like the support I'm seeing here. Still learning how to ...
by MeeMawof8 on 30 Sep 20 01:51 PM

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