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Posted: 02 Aug 2020, 11:49
Hi, I would like to share my weight loss story with all of you guys, it might inspire some people to lose weight.
I started weight training at the start but due to work and office, I wasn't able to continue it so I discontinued it. But just after discontinue I put on like 75-80lbs of weight and everyone used to stare at me, made a joke on me, used to tease me because of my obesity. So finally I decided to do something else other than weight training, I changed my diet using some products to kill my food cravings and trust me it helped a lot. When I found out that my food cravings are no more, and I have automatically put on a diet because of no food cravings.
I started to see some changes in the body and just in 1-2 months, I got back in shape. Now I feel amazing and nobody teases me anymore and ask my secret, how I lost so much weight so quickly?
I am happy now, my health is very good and can do any work I want because of my fitness. Now I don't want to write too much here because it might bore you. But if you're really interested in losing weight, send me a private message and I will explain to you what I did completely.
Thank you for reading my story. Let's pray for a healthy world.
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Posted: 10 Aug 2020, 16:23
Congratulations on getting yourself back!

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Health – Weight Loss
Congratulations on getting yourself back!
by Pcbaulch on 10 Aug 20 04:23 PM
Weight loss
To other people, I say, "Now, let's discuss your body composition." No one seems to like that, but it shuts them up real quick.
by Pcbaulch on 10 Aug 20 04:20 PM
What would you tell your 16 year old self?
Eat your veggies and greens!! They'll give you energy to get you through basketball practice!!! And the whole time you wanted a good hamburger-it was really the lettuce, pickle and tomato that made ...
by Chrsye on 15 Jul 20 11:27 AM
Weight loss
Thank you for sharing i needed to hear that.
by MaryE72 on 16 May 20 11:58 AM
disturbance of the biological clock greatly affects weight
I can say that the lack of sleep or the disturbance of the biological clock greatly affects weight and its increase. especially strong in the new conditions of life #disturbancеbiologicalclock #lostw ...
by julya_fs on 23 Mar 20 12:52 PM

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