IP seems to work for me - looking for alternatives.

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Posted: 17 Sep 2019, 15:45
I've been struggling with weight most of my life. I hit my high point (280 pounds) about 3 years ago. I worked myself down to about 220 over about a year with portion control and progressively increasing exercise. Then I got into triathlons, and stopped controlling my portions, and was working out constantly, and went from 220 back up to 247 (I was working out often twice a day for an hour at a time).
My chiropractor turned me on to Ideal Protein, but she didn't like the amount of exercise I was doing. I followed her instructions, dropped down to basically walking and weight training, and got down to 195 (goal is 175). I kept my weight within 10 pounds of that, even though I quit doing IP, with a lot of exercise (did a half ironman, and a spartan beast). After recovering from a motorcycle crash, I found myself at 241. I'd had a few false starts trying a Keto diet, and I still had lots of packets left for IP, so I thought I'd put myself back on it. In two weeks, I've dropped 14 pounds (this was after no traction on a "generally keto" diet for 3 months). I feel amazing - energy levels are really high. Hunger gets very strong at certain points of the day, but then wanes - I know I just have to get through them. It seems though that when I exercise a lot, IP doesn't work for me. I have this theory that different diets work for different bodies, and that IP works for me when I am sedentary, but not so much when I'm active (my non-sedentary body works differently than when I'm active). I'm just looking to see if anyone has had any similar experience, or any thoughts or suggestions...

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I think the body does that a lot. Great that you hung in there and was patient. Some people go crazy and do weird things or just give up. But believing in your diet is the main thing
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