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Posted: 15 Sep 2019, 07:24
if you have read my journal post of 13th Sept you will see I am going through a tough time at the moment. Im afraid the diet is suffering and Im exhausted. Had no sleep from2.45 am and then ambulance at 6.a.m and 12 hours in A&E. The following night went to bed at 9.30 to catch up sleep only for our neighbour to back a low loader down the driveby our bedroom to delivery a wreck for him to do up, Lights in our bedroom and noise so an really tired. Why are people so thoughtless. They knew our situation

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Posted: 17 Sep 2019, 12:03
I can't read your journal - your settings must be private.

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Posted: 17 Sep 2019, 13:13
I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time Sad I hope things get better for you soon. Don't worry about small details about dieting right now when you are in the middle of exhaustion and stress, work on your mental bearings first.

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Posted: 19 Sep 2019, 10:22
I think I have changed my settings.

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