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Posted: 22 Jul 2019, 00:33
Started dieting 2 weeks ago today but only joined fatsecret the middle of last week. Have lost 4lb over the 2 weeks am happy just wished it was a bit more as I have cut out everything that I enjoy eating and even watch husband eat chocolate!

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What Sugar Does to Our Body - Sugar and Weight Loss
It is spam. I think the profile of that "person" is a joke
by liv001 on 22 Aug 19 12:19 PM
I started on the Noom program back in June, I think, and I have having issues with sticking to the plan. It doesn't help with the diabetic issues at the moment, and need more healthier choices wi ...
by raincripps on 21 Aug 19 12:12 PM
2lb away
You are doing well. Glad to hear about the progress
by liv001 on 21 Aug 19 06:22 AM
Ultra Fast Keto Boost Reviews
Ultra Fast Keto Boost so long as the research isn't always self-serving and adjusted to in shape a speculation. a few diets may not need a amazing deal of assessments and studies in the back of them, ...
by Tommie Hooser on 21 Aug 19 04:37 AM
Too much food.
You can just cook as much as you want and then portion it before you eat it. I'm not in your same situation because I cook for my family (no special diets or foods at home); but when I cook I already ...
by immort777 on 20 Aug 19 05:44 AM

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