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Posted: 21 Nov 2019, 20:08
What a great resource you have here! Nobody told me, I just stumbled on it. It's probably what I needed.

You see, I am a little bit fat (believe me) Laughing . But BMI does not agree with me Rolling Eyes . It says I am obese - 30.2. Well, my body shape is deceptive, if you do not see my lower half. I am pear-shaped. Skinny upper torso, but bounty thighs and butt Embarassed .

Cutting to the chase, I have been oscillating at 183lbs(83kg) + or - 4kgs here and there for the last 16 yearsNeutral . Today, I weigh 84kg. It does not matter how much I starve (read diet)Wink , I will go down 10 kgs (and look very emaciated and old around the neck and face area only) but will come right up to the "normal" weight once I stop the diet. If I indulge, I will gain weight of course - by now you know where this will go - yes, to the butt and thighs only Rolling Eyes . When I start eating normal, it will go back to my 83kgsQuestion

What does one do? I need to live and not think about food and what it does to me. The more I think about weight, the more I obsess about food. It should be the reverse!!!! In addition to the alarmed (yes, not alarming) BMI, I now have very high cholesterol (7.1) and have been put on meds.

Does any one out there relate?


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Posted: 27 Nov 2019, 15:39
Welcome. I don't have any advice. Just welcome.

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Welcome. I don't have any advice. Just welcome.
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