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Posted: 17 Aug 2019, 11:34
I've lost 22lbs since April 10th, down from 193 to 171!My ideal weight for my body size and height is about 165 lbs. That's going to be almost impossible to reach since I'm taking some time off from a pretty physical job to getting my welding cet. (pertains to my work) We'll see how this works out! Yard work is slowly winding down.

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Confusion on Soda
immort777 wrote: If you're not losing and you're healthy otherwise, it means you're still eating/drinking more calories than you think. Are you counting calories correctly? Good luck! It ...
by Paperbackstash on 16 Sep 19 07:21 AM
Excited and ready to work hard!
Good luck!
by immort777 on 16 Sep 19 04:49 AM
A tough time
if you have read my journal post of 13th Sept you will see I am going through a tough time at the moment. Im afraid the diet is suffering and Im exhausted. Had no sleep from2.45 am and then ambulance ...
by chippyite on 15 Sep 19 07:24 AM
Green beans!
I ate some straight out of the can (8oz) today. Hey, I'm new to this and just getting started. LOL Garlic salt sounds great.
by hwjfl on 14 Sep 19 04:16 PM
Old timers disease
The only thing that has ever worked for me is a homemade crudite' platter or veggie/fruit platter. To fight boredom, I try different things. It actually makes me hungrier for lunch. If my bloodwork ...
by binkytexas on 14 Sep 19 01:17 PM

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