Fat Secret APP for KINDLE FIRE 10?


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Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 10:22
So I would love to get the FS app on my Kindle Fire 10 but it does not look like I can download it? When will it be out for Fire 10?

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On the laptop using the web version it is doable. Find my Setting and the my preferences and change. I do not have the app
by liv001 on 12 Oct 19 07:31 AM
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Just updated to Catalina 10.15 OS and now I can't made food entries in FatSecret! Help,, I really prefer to made entries on th computer, it is so much easier.
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it happens now and then.... :)
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Cheers Ben, I've sent on a wee recording along with the answers to your questions.
by WillingAlbatross on 06 Oct 19 09:08 PM
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I do not have the app but on the web you can click on print and that will give you the pdf. Look at your diary or plate and then find the print icon and click on that
by liv001 on 03 Oct 19 01:04 PM

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