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Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 14:05
Hi Family
My start weight posted 229 incorrect...I started the same day I left the Dr with a weigh in at 234 lbs. I hit enter to quickly. I tried to change it but it did not accept so I began as posted . All together for the Christian Health Challenge I Lost a total of 7 lbs. My weight chart should read 7 lbs lost but it reads only 3 lbs lost. I am holding steady, but progress is ahead..
Thank you Guys
Much love lilzkakez
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Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 15:17
You can change your starting weight if you like.

Once you are on the home page... Under My Toolbox click on the link my diet and it should be the very first option.

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Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 15:24
I'm curious to know if this will work for me as I started my diet in November at one weight, then when I changed the 'diet' detail to show I was on weight watchers, it started me a new ticker! So sadly my ticker doesn't show the full weight I've lost ( tho it is all there in my weight history) I only noticed the 'change your start weight' recently but am hesitant to try it in case it messes my ticker up again!
Love the journey as well as the results. And fall down 7 times, get up 8!

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