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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 19:32
Hello there!
I'm new to fatsecret.com, but I'm very thankful for a forum such as this...how cool!
I've just started induction and I'm excited to have a community of support. Just by using the fatsecret tools, I can already see that I'm not consuming enough calories, so now I know what I need to work on. I've gotta get some good "snacks" in the house and focus a little more on breakfast.
Looking forward to this journey with you all!

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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 20:53
I am also new here. It sounds like your well on your way! Good luck to you!
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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 21:54
Thank you! Praying you and your wife are both successful on your weight loss journey as well!
Brenda Groth

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Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 07:28
welcome, I've only been here a few weeks and it is very helpful. I think the more people that come to the forum the more helpful it is. It helped me through the stalls, to come out on the other side for sure
Lowering my sites for 2011 to losing 1 pound a week or 52 pounds in 2011 having 82 pounds to go I should be 30 pounds from my goal this time next year.

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Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 11:16
Welcome! I have only been here about a month and I absolutely love this site. I am a member of several other Low Carb forums and they don't even compare. I am on here everyday because its just so darn easy plus I can record my stuff from my cell when I'm not at a computer. Love it!

I also struggle getting enough calories. It is hard when you're not hungry. Best of luck to you during your weight loss! Smile
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Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 19:29
Hi! Welcome! Isn't it great that we have so many resources here on Fatsecret?Smile Praying that your journey brings you and your family many years of healthy living. We Can Do It With God's Help!!!
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We Can Do It With God's Help and the help from our Fatsecret buddies!!!

Cindy T.

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Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 20:39
Brenda: Thank you for the welcome! Looks like you've been pretty successful so far...I love the short term, medium term and long term goals!

Michelle: As far as the calories, I'm learning that hard boiled eggs will give good, solid, quick calories when I need it without making me feel "stuffed". Not sure if you like eggs or not?

Cindy: Thank you...and you are right...it is only God and no one else who allows us to reach our goals and live a healthy life! Blessings to you and your family as well on your journey!


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