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Posted: 04 Apr 2021, 13:30
March 1, 2021 --- 193.75
April 4, 2021 --- 181.75

Five week results of my Low Carb program... Eat what I want as long as it has zero or very few carbs. I am definitely missing my favorites! Potatoes of any style, Pastas with lots of Sauces, Rice, Bread, Desserts... You name it!
I am looking forward to a big plate of my home made lasagna and a few glasses of wine followed by either Bread Pudding or Peach Cobbler! That will be the reward for reaching my goal of 170 pounds -- loss of 23.75 pounds!

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BlondVital wrote: They say that cutting down sugar and bad oils will do the trick plus you will be more healthy. Are you sure? If yes, I will definitely give a try for it. LOL!
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Search Function for Forums?
Hi BFG33, Yep, it's crazy you can search for keyword in foods, recipes, fitness and members but not in the forums. It's hit and miss what you find. #frustrating
by Am Caillte on 14 May 21 11:17 AM

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