Italian Girl looking for a Diet Buddy!

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Posted: 17 Nov 2020, 02:59
Hello everyone!
My name is Gabriella, I am from Italy, 33 years old, mother of one.
I couldn’t find any website or app where to find a Diet Buddy until I saw this page.
I was so happy to read your messages and see that people are in need of exactly what I need.
My goal is to lose weight and be proud of myself again.
I would like to find a Diet Buddy to chat with, to motivate each other, to even make a Diet Plan together and share our goals, our victories and why not, even our failures (we better avoid them, but we are humans, aren’t we?).
Contact me if you want to become my Diet Buddy!
I’ll be there for you! Ciao! Smile


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Posted: 20 Nov 2020, 21:29
Would love to be your diet buddy

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Posted: 23 Nov 2020, 14:34
I would like to communicate with you, but unfortunately I do not understand Italian

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