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Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 08:36
Feeling really beaten down. The last two months have been horrible. Hungry all the time, can't stop eating and I'm eating things I know I shouldn't. I have put back on 20lbs in the last two months and I am incredibly disappointed in myself. I worked so hard to get to where I was and now I cannot find any motivation or will power.

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Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 12:44
Hang in there!!!! It is hard for many right now.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2019, 08:46
I find that if I quit eating gluten and sugar (I use monk sweetener) and do few process foods, I don't get the cravings or hunger pangs. Also, my largest meal tends to be 2-4 pm and something light later on if I eat then. Finally, Bengal Spice tea is a great way to avoid sugary stuff.

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Posted: 05 Dec 2019, 12:03
You are so lucky you can eat monk sweetener. I really like it but I can't digest it and I get really bad gas. I tried experimenting with it different ways just to be sure it was really that--because I wanted to use it! But no..can't. I totally agree about Bengal Spice and I also use Good Earth Sweet & Spicy for variety. Also the Tazo dessert teas like Lemon Loaf (careful if you are sensitive to licorice root side fx). If you love sugar (I do!) you have to work the hacks. PS I wish Fat Secret would distinguish between sugar and added sugar in the measurements.

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Posted: 08 Dec 2019, 19:36
Every day is a new start. Do you have a favourite place to go for a walk? Go for a walk every day and give away all the food in your house that you know you shouldn't eat.
I did Weight Watchers many years ago and I would put a packet of chocolate biscuits in my shopping trolley and when I got to the checkout, I would take them out and not buy them. Just having them in my possession was enough. Everyone laughed about it but it worked for me. Find out what works for you. What did you used to do when you were losing the weight? Think back to the foods you enjoyed when you were losing weight and go back to eating that way.
You know you can do this! Good luck and stay strong.

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Posted: 09 Dec 2019, 10:58
You know, everyone looses incentive at some point. Often when we find ourselves taking a step forward we end up taking two... or even ten steps backwards... but the key is having a dream - why are you trying to loose weight?

If it is for someone else, that will never be enough - it doesn't matter what someone else thinks when they see you... in this world of supermodels on every magazine and fitness programs on every billboard each person/society has their own idea as to what "healthy" or "attractive" is... and that opinion changes every other day without fail! The fashion industry is built on ever changing styles... (if they weren't there wouldn't be new releases, seasonal wear, or trend setting designs for every new year) When you finally become someone's ideal - their tastes and desires will have already moved on to the next body type.

If it is for how you view yourself understand that no one is perfect - we all have flaws, we all desire to be something we are not and quite often we are not content until we have what someone else has (ever experience that feeling of... I wish my eyes were blue instead of brown ((or vise-versa))...) Really, even when we become our "ideal weight" most of us still aren't happy... we have to learn how to find things about ourselves that we like, appreciate, and even love. Maybe you have a great smile, maybe you're really good with computers, maybe you're super personable... or so many other attributes! Find something and focus on that.

If you are working hard for either of those reasons then there is no point to loose weight because you are just trying to fit into a status quo and you'll never really be content or feel good about yourself...

But if you are trying to loose weight to be healthy and happier and overall more able to live life fully and freely then that is the best incentive you could ever have- because no matter what happens in the course of your weight loss journey you can always pause and remember the reason you started. "I want to be healthy" or "I want to be able to enjoy every part of my life and live without limitation" Those incentives are the most life changing because you are moving forward to a more energized version of you! Then when you take those steps backward it isn't that you're letting anyone down or feeling like a failure, 'cause let me tell you something - A FAILURE IS ONLY SOMEONE WHO REFUSES TO TRY. No one else is a failure, they are just on the way to success Wink

Don't quit - have a focus, have a dream, and a reason to keep moving forward... and if it's for the right reasons you'll never look back.

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