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Posted: 06 Jul 2019, 17:33
Working my ASS off cleaning up my moms yard! 4 hrs today mowing, trimming trees, hedge trimmer, weed wacker, etc. More to come! Gardening,(red pepper plants aren't doing too good, never had that problem B4) Radishes grew like they were irradiated!

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Posted: 07 Jul 2019, 09:14
I gave up on gardening when the bugs took over the last time and ate all my produce before I had a chance at seems like everyone was complaining about low yields and plants not doing well a few years ago when it really started to be unbearably hot summer weather and rainy wet spring weather. After all the investment in potting soils and seeds and watering.. had next to nothing to show for my work and investment and since them I buy seeds every spring with good intentions but.. the weather and the bugs stop me from growing anything.. and the only sun I get is in my front yard where the city won't allow me to grow food. This year the mosquitos in particular have driven me indoors for the most part. They even follow me into the car and bite my ankles when I'm driving! So unfortunately I buy store produce and try and get the best quality I can. Anyone who has luck despite this awful weather is fortunate. I used to like just being outside working in the yard but not anymore.

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