Buddies, support , and input welcomed! (needed?? lol)

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Posted: 18 Jan 2009, 13:03
Hey hey hey!
I was on sb diet last jan-mar.. well, to make a long story short, Im back, and am on the atkins. Did it 4 yrs ago and had excellent results.
Anyone with some good ideas, suggestions, recipes add me, or message me. Im kind of out of the swing of things!
I missed my buddies on here, how are ya'all doing?
Good luck , and Happy 2009 to all!!Very Happy

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Posted: 19 Jan 2009, 02:31

I did Atkins and lost 40 lbs 2 years ago and then gained it all back after an injury... not that I couldn't remain on Atkins because of the injury just got all down and out and stopped dieting.

I liked Atkins, the weight loss was quick (-40 lbs in under 4 months) but after a while I found it so hard to stick to, all that meat and butter and cheese but nothing sweet!!!

If I ate the bars or cream cheese I wouldn't lose so it was nothing but meat, cheese, lettuce and butter for me and it was great for a while and I have thought about going back on it just for the meat, cheese and butter ahaha but I missed fruit and milk (but then again I stayed on the induction phase the entire time).

My favorite thing to do while on induction was to microwave a slice of cheese - OMG! I would spray a plate with a little Pam put a slice of cheese on it and nuke it until it got hard then let it cool and scrape it off the plate, sounds weird? well it was the BEST EVER cheese chip in the world Smile

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