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Posted: 21 Jul 2008, 23:14
So I have read a lot about water and its benefits for dieting... has anyone noticed a difference? In other words, is it true that drinking more water aids weight loss?

Additionally, has anyone gotten results by drinking 2-3 cups of green tea each day?
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Posted: 21 Jul 2008, 23:24
I have deffinately noticed a difference now that I have increased my water intake. I dunno about the green tea, its too hot to drink much tea right now. But I have heard of that in many places before.
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Posted: 21 Jul 2008, 23:25
I don't drink green tea, but I do take GTE (green tea extract). I also drink a lot of water, and take a lot of fiber supplements. I think that the water andfiber help fill you up and create a low-caloric density situation, which is good for weight loss. And the green tea stuff helps raise metabolism to burn fat, as does CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

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Posted: 21 Jul 2008, 23:26
I don't know about weight loss, but when I drink a lot of water I notice a big difference in my energy levels and the softness and clearness of my skin.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2008, 23:32
Yeah, water is a must. It helps me out soo much, and depending on where you are in your diet, it might help keep you full.

They say to drink half your weight in ounces a day, so given that I weigh 146, I should drink roughly 73 oz a day. What helped me stick to that was to buy a Nalgene bottle and vow to drink two a day. It also helped me quit smoking!

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Posted: 22 Jul 2008, 00:07
Absolutely. I drink liters of water every day and if I'm dieting, I drop weight like no other and if I'm not, my weight is always constant - even if I'm eating terribly. The rumors about water suppressing appetite are also true - maybe it's just the act of putting something to your mouth, but anytime I'm feeling the urge to nibble, I try to grab my water bottle instead.

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