Intermittent Fasting

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Posted: 03 Apr 2019, 15:05
I have been working on this approach to dieting since January. Started off with 18/6 fast but found that I need to fast for at least 20 hours to see any results. So far I have lost 11kgs. Will keep you posted.

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Posted: 03 Apr 2019, 17:08
Congratulations. Wonderful result.

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Posted: 06 Apr 2019, 02:06
it might be working but your argument is nonsense

you are losing weight because you are in a calorie deficit and fasting or a specific length of fast makes no difference

eat a 50 calorie meal every hour on the hour and you will still lose weight as you would only be eating 1200 calories in a 24hr period


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Posted: 06 Apr 2019, 19:15
Intermittent fasting is not about calorie deficit. The reason people do it is hormone response. After 1about 6 hours of fasting your HGH spikes by 60%. I keep my calorie restriction the same but for better result do it together with intermittent fasting.
You can have one meal a day with the same amount of calories you would eat over three/four/five meals.

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Posted: 07 May 2019, 01:37
What Katie said ^^^

Dr. Berg explains IF

Dr. Eric Berg is a prolific poster of informational videos relating to Keto and IF.

"тнєяє мιgнт вє α ℓιттℓє ∂υѕт σи тнє вσттℓє
вυт ∂σи'т ℓєт ιт fσσℓ уα αвσυт ωнαт'ѕ ιиѕι∂є" ~ ∂ανι∂ ℓєє мυяρну

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Intermittent Fasting
What Katie said ^^^ Dr. Berg explains IF Dr. Eric Berg is a prolific poster of informational videos relating to Keto and IF.
by annerolfe on 07 May 19 01:37 AM
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just me
one step, one day at a time...that is how we should all look at ours lives. Thanks for your story. It helped me to have hope and to take it a little at a time. All the best to you:)
by Shasta Daisy on 06 Mar 19 08:27 AM
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Diablo360x wrote: I wouldn't be able to afford it. I'd be fat and broke. :P :badgrin: :badgrin: Same here!!
by FullaBella on 30 Jan 19 03:05 PM

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