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Posted: 16 Aug 2018, 13:53
I lost 53 lbs since Oct, 2017. Not a diet,but a lifestyle change. Took simple carbs out of my life most of the time. Cruise Control Diet by Jim Ward is the ticket to success. He explains why some people who are insulin resistant cannot process carbohydrates and converts it to fat. He provides a chart of foods to eat, foods to eat sometimes, and foods to never eat. No Bread,pasta,or sweets! Limited fruits, and most veggies okay except corn and carrots. Basic diet consists of proteins and veggies. Fats are not an issues and are needed to satisfy hunger. Protein consists of beef chicken,pork,and fish

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Posted: 16 Aug 2018, 13:59
Good for you! You've just described most of my diet and it's working for me, too. I do eat corn on occasion (I make a cold corn salad with other veggies that's so good), but I've found that bread and pasta are not my friend. I'm reading "Wheat Belly" right now and it's just confirming everything I've been experiencing for the last few years.
My goal is to reduce inflammation and lose some weight. I call it the "Shut Your Big Fat Mouth" diet. I think it will work.
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Posted: 17 Aug 2018, 20:03
Yes I am on a low carb diet too, because of hereditary links to diabetes. But we all know people who don't have a problem with carbs. I would like to know why these people don't have a problem with carbs while others do. Thanks for sharing about Jim Ward, will look it up.
Kenna Morton

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Posted: 17 Aug 2018, 23:26
Like most Americans, my family tree is rittled with T1 and T 2 diabetes. I do not overeat , I am physically active. swimming, hiking are my favorite activities. I stay on top of my health issues and And work with my medical team to make sure I am doing the things I need to do and I try to stay informed.. I eat a lot of carbs but space them out fairly evenly throughout the day so that my body has a chance to use them and not store them — a ready supply of fuel.. that also helps me not to enter into that super hungry mode that makes you eat anything in site.
Kenna Morton

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Posted: 21 Aug 2018, 00:17
I'm on the cruise control life style too, soo easy. When you really stick to the right foods you can't help but lose weight. Good for you

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