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Posted: 17 Jul 2018, 00:56
Hello Everyone, I am new to this group! I have been following a LCHF lifestyle for about 4 months now. Recently, I have had a few set backs, and have become derailed. Now, I am trying to get back on track, and avoid certain carbohydrates and sugar once again, and it is even harder than the first time around. I know this lifestyle is for me, I just need to re-focus and take things one day at a time or even minutes at a time. I look forward to communicating and supporting each other on our LCHF journeys!

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Posted: 22 Jul 2018, 14:18
You can do it! I am right their with you - starting over. If you need support or someone to rant to, just msg me.
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KUTGW Everyone!


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Posted: 23 Jul 2018, 06:08
I've been LCHF/ Keto for about 18 months now. I was very strict the first few months and dropped 30 lbs. I was doing lazy keto after that with limited results. I gave it a renewed commitment this year and have had great success keeping my goals first and foremost. I'm down a little over 40 lbs now and I'm the same size I was when I graduated from high school... a little over 40 years ago! My focus now is improving and maintaining my health. You guys can do this!

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Posted: 06 Aug 2018, 17:46
folks... if and when you wrap your head around the FACT...….THAT REGULAR FOODS ARE KILLING YOU..you will find it much easier.... drink drink that water...…..keep the number 2 potty thing moving... eat salads.....READ LABELS...…… carbs are hiding everywhere...…...I will be 75 this month and been on this way of eating for many years...took me a long time to get in the grove.... now...…….so glad I have...….358 down to 140 ,,,took a long time but worth it all...…..now reg sweets taste nasty to me......truly... love my eggs all diff ways... when you stop trying to make the foods like you used to have them ...look what they did to you... oh no, not for me.... not again...…...was huge all my life..love these size 10 jEANS… YEP WORTH IT IN THE END...………….

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