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Posted: 02 Dec 2017, 10:25
So I want to enter in some of the exercise I did yesterday, but "Stairs (Climbing Stairs)" is entered by time rather than flights. And I have no idea how much time I spent walking up the stairs because I did it so often across a great deal of time. I only have an estimate of how many flights I climbed: 40 to 45.

So like...I don't know what to do. Any hints on converting flights climbed to calories to time? I'm googling, but I can't get a good estimate, the information is a little all over the place and obviously differs from person to person because of an individual's height, weight, sex, fitness, etc.

And I'm exhausted and can't get my brain to work. (I helped a friend move apartments who was essentially a hoarder. She was in a third floor walkup. And the 40 to 45 doesn't include the flights I climbed the day before. O_O)

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Posted: 04 Dec 2017, 00:45
Well .. if the equipment you are using allows you to enter your weight and and tells you the calories you burned, you can just adjust the time to match (which is what I usually do anyways). Otherwise, you have to use time and fatsecret's estimate of the "intensity" at which you exercise. (For example, on the treadmill, it doesn't know about inclines, or if you walk/jog at a different pace then what it has set for "low", "moderate", etc).

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Posted: 10 Dec 2017, 09:31
Sorry for the late reply. Been busy and I was not near my computer when your message came in.

Sorry if it wasn't clear, but I wasn't on a machine. I was climbing actual stairs, helping someone move from a third-story walk-up.

But yes, I could try to input a different exercise and try to match time and intensity.

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