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Posted: 30 Apr 2016, 13:12
Hello to all my old friends and soon to be new ones. After 8 months of no FS, much travel, a bit of sickness and lots of life I made goal.. Knowing this is a very dangerous time for maintaining weight I thought it best to re enter FS, track my calories and get back to the gym.
Glad to be back.

PS For those who have been where I am now, (reached my weight goal), you know it truly is a dangerous time. What I wanted to do was keep on being anonymous, not be around all you nuts that are weight conscious, stop being told to,"eat healthy and to stick with the program". I wanted to eat a grilled 1" thick piece of Spam between two unadorned slices of Wonder Bread (white). (Those of you who like Spam will understand).

Sound like a food addict to you. Yep! So here I am, a safe spot, supporting folks. Feels good.
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