Color bars in weight history

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Amma of Two

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Posted: 18 Apr 2021, 09:50
This is dumb, but what do the colors mean on the bar chart in your complete weight history?

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morning i was gave 2000 calorie to loose weight ,is this too much. i am 5ft2inches and weigh 14 and a half stone.can someone help me please;)
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If it's not something you can stick to, you're setting yourself up for a derailment. Fat loss comes down to calories in vs. out so you may as well practice a plan that is sustainable.
by Diablo360x on 11 May 21 11:54 PM
Stuck again
Yep.. good for you... it's easy to get sidetracked when you have any kind of illness or injury.. Oh boy have I been there. wishing you good luck, you can do it for sure
by TOFU on 11 May 21 09:29 AM

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