Change Starting Date & not lose data?

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Posted: 01 Mar 2021, 15:58
Have my Starting Weight recorded in mid March 2020, but did not enter any data until beginning of last week.
From 21 February 2021 I have seriously started daily recording: weight, calorie intake, and exercise etc.
** How can I delete start date March 2020, and have new start date 21 February 2021**
without losing my input for the last 9 days.
Apprecaite help with changing the start date.
Thank you all Smile

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Posted: 03 Mar 2021, 05:20
I recently restarted my diet after being off and on again from last year. I returned here and wanted to start fresh. But I am already into my diet for about 2 weeks (I changed my diet to start on Fed 25th) and did not want to lose any info. entered after that, but wanted to remove all the earlier entries. If that is what you want then follow this.
Go to (MY WEIGHT HISTORY) then on the right side at the bottom in blue click (RESTART MY DIET). Here you can reset you goals if you need to. On the calendar check the box marked OTHER DATE then click on the calendar the date you wanted to start recording weight, journals, etc...
On the bottom check REMOVE MY PREVIOUS CHART/HISTORY then click on the green box (OK, LETS GET STARTED.)
This will restart the diet to the date you want and remove all previous entries (weight, journals, food etc..)
Hope this helps.

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