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Posted: 19 Sep 2020, 18:05
How does everyone measure their sauces?
When you drizzle a dressing on a salad for instance!

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Posted: 20 Sep 2020, 00:05
Put bottle with sauce/dressing on food scale.
Tare the weight to 0
Pour amount you desire on food or salad.
Put back on scale, which will show a negative number.
That number (I measure all items in grams) is what you used.

Hope this helps

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Posted: 25 Sep 2020, 07:12
To measure, I put Olive oil (for example) in a tablespoon measure, and drizzle as I would from the bottle If there is still oil left in the spoon, I measure that and subtract.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2020, 10:47
That is a great idea Batman.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2020, 12:18
Clever Batman

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