My Last 30 Pounds

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Posted: 10 Aug 2020, 16:19
Hello, Healthy Living Family,

I lost 83 pounds during the last year. I have just 30 pounds to lose. I am thinking that losing these last pounds by Christmas may be manageable.

I went from a size 20/22 to a size 12. Up top, I went from a 2X/3X to a size large. With Covid, I have not been exercising, but it's time to get on some sort of program at home.

My shadow and my reflection look foreign to me. It's so strange. The rare couple of times I went shopping during this pandemic, I felt like someone was going to come tell me to leave the misses section and go to the plus-sized section. Is PTSD from being heavy possible?

My 2 goals for this year are to get down to a BMI of 24.9999, which is 159 pounds, and the other is to get a job in my field, as I'm currently living off of my retirement. That's not good at all.

All the best in your weight-loss journey!


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Posted: 11 Aug 2020, 15:13
Congrats on what you have done so far! I like goals like X weight by a certain holiday, because I can visualize myself enjoying the event at the more comfortable weight and how great it would feel. It is a real motivator for me. I have a mid-range goal in mind for my b-day in Sep, and another for Halloween.
Jennie Ca

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Posted: 17 Aug 2020, 11:20
Hi Paula, I am so impressed by your weight loss. You are amazing! Keep going!

I put on most of my weight while working in Phoenix in a high pressure tech job, eating too much of SW foods, not being aware of the number of calories I was taking in and the lack of farmer's markets with good fresh produce. I am also Celiac and we all seem to have a craving for what we can't have. Gluten free baked goods have less nutrition and higher calories. I discovered FatSecret about 1 1/2 years ago. I had great success for the first year losing 12% of my body weight but for nearly a year I have plateaued. Based on my height and body frame (small) I should lose another 8%. Right now I am near the top of normal. BMI What has been the key to my success with FatSecret is their RDI calculator and my Daily Summary %. I stay honest. If I ate a pint of ice cream one day or two, I record it. And I vow not to buy it again.

I love my new size! I feel normal again. It takes time to get used to the new body but now I can't believe I let myself get as heavy as I did. Over Christmas I gained a bit, then lost it, the when Covid hit, when we had so much shut down and all retreated to baking and eating it, I regained them those hard lost lbs.

Remember to be kind to yourself mentally and emotionally. I know you will accomplish your goals!


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Posted: 18 Aug 2020, 14:14
Hey Paula keep up with what you are doing as you are so worth the effort! I was bummed when my gym closed because of Covid but realized I had to do something so I started just walking in the house plugged into the pod casts on my phone and I was off and "running" it has be awesome knowing it just takes me to get UP and DO something so I am doing it. When I was asked to retire I realized my new job was to take care of me and go to the gym. That has not changed and I am feeling so good about my self care and where I am going changing and enjoying this journey to wellness PTSD is real so remember to listen to your self talk and ask yourself are you being kind? are you being honest with yourself? These questions help me to understand that sometimes I am not being nice to me and that can hurt my heart as well as my spirit, so be gentle and sweet to your innerself and it will help you along the way Smile

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Posted: 21 Aug 2020, 09:13
I don't have an EATING PROBLEM, I have an EXERCISE PROBLEM>..and I have this GIANT PAPERWEIGHT right in my bedroom and I walk AROUND rather than get up on it and WALK. If I simply walk 10/20 minutes a day...I start losing again...and IT IS SO GOOD FOR ME...but like I say, I have a bad habit of walking AROUND IT.

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