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Posted: 07 Aug 2020, 17:05
will this post really post? last one did not.

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Day #1
There is no time like the present. I always started again on a Monday whenever I have failed in the past. But why would you wait that long. Start over immediately.
by janetmay on 21 Sep 20 05:41 AM
Color coding on Weight History
I reckon "red" is for danger. but not too sure.
by janetmay on 21 Sep 20 05:38 AM
Put bottle with sauce/dressing on food scale. Tare the weight to 0 Pour amount you desire on food or salad. Put back on scale, which will show a negative number. That number (I measure all items in grams) ...
by BATMANTDK1 on 20 Sep 20 12:05 AM
Is there any place you can add Macro's so you can keep tack of these as well?? Thank you
by needtolose13 on 19 Sep 20 08:16 PM
Should I take a rest.
No no you aren't doing it wrong! OMAD is just fine as long as it's sustaining you and your energy needs. I'm saying to only have maybe one cheat meal for one of your OMAD meals per week. ...
by kafarmer87 on 18 Sep 20 11:08 AM

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