My Experience Losing Weight the Past 9 Months

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Posted: 19 Feb 2020, 08:57
Last May 10, I had a bicycle accident, broke a couple ribs, sliced my right ear top to bottom and was overall banged up. They did a cat scan to make sure there was no internal bleeding (there wasn't), but a cyst was spotted on my right kidney.

I hadn't been to the doctor in years so the hospital gave me the name of one and I followed up with him 3 days later. I weighed 235 lbs at the time and I'm 6'0" tall.

He made me get some blood work and see a urologist about the cyst. The blood work showed my sugar level was high. I also had high blood pressure.

He told me to eat what I want, but said I need to stay to no more than 2,200 calories per day. I weigh myself every Wednesday morning and this morning I came in at 207 lbs, a 28 lb loss since that fateful day. I feel so good. I'm on medication for the sugar and the blood pressure and things are under control in that area.

As for the kidney with the cyst, it turned out I had a carcinoma that was very aggressive and kills people. I had surgery on Aug. 19 and ended up losing that kidney because the mass was near the renal artery and it was not possible to cut it out without destroying that artery, so the entire kidney had to go.

But today, I feel wonderful and I'm very grateful to God for that bike accident. it saved my life because I wouldn't have known about that carcinoma until it was perhaps too late. This is my very first post here. Stay healthy everyone.Smile

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