Garmin Connect Integration

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Posted: 05 Jul 2017, 01:29
Millions of people use Garmin devices to track their daily movements, exercise, sleep etc. I would love to be able to sync data between Fat Secret & Garmin, the same way M Fitness Pal does. Are there any plans for this?

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Posted: 09 Apr 2018, 16:10
Would be interested in this also. Any news about it?
Vlad Muresan

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Posted: 26 Apr 2018, 01:13
Hi, This would be a killer feature. My fitness pall is nowhere near fatsecret in terms of usability. You guys rock, but since I got my garmin watch I had to switch to my fitness pal and I hate it. I am training every day and my fitness pal makes it easy for me to calculate the extra calories I can eat each day based on my training level. I would love to be able to integrate fatsecret with garmin connect. You can offer this as a pro feature and I would definitely buy it.

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Posted: 09 Nov 2018, 11:54
Totally agree, we need garmin integration.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2019, 10:37
Totally agree, we need Garmin integration.

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Posted: 27 Jun 2019, 02:49
Have Fatsecret ever heard about it? This topic has been here for years!

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Posted: 21 Jan 2020, 06:05
It's 2020 now and we're nearing the 3rd anniversary of this topic.

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