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Posted: 16 Apr 2018, 09:21
I know it is a total contradiction - the idea of turning the classic game of solitaire, infamously invented by the French as a card game that could be played by one player, right? Yeah, but seriously boring until you turn it into a competition. It is the only game I have ever been good at in my life and I TOTALLY love it and play every day for a few minutes or a couple of hours depending on the day. I never realised I was so competitive but I have become ruthless and will do anything to win but you can't cheat at solitaire so it is always a question of the player with the most skill winning each tournament. I plan to get the highest score ever but it is only going to take me about another 50 years to get there and since I am now 53 I better up my game Bad Grin

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Last Epoch is my fav then PoE, Wolcen and Grim Dawn is good too.
by kumaser on 27 Jul 19 03:59 AM
USA Today Games
Carniball PegLand Klondike Solitaire Backgammon Daily Word Search Daily Crossword Word Roundup
by annerolfe on 07 May 19 12:03 PM
Me too. Watched earlier
by liv001 on 01 May 19 09:43 PM
my games
my favorite games are bridge gin rummy solitaire:)
by michaellalande on 14 Jan 19 12:05 PM
Lots and lots of board games!
I own over 100 games. I run a facebook group for games. It would be very hard to pick just one, so I won't. But if you ever want recommendations, I can help.
by JustGarlic on 12 Jul 18 10:10 AM

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