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Posted: 09 May 2007, 09:49
Right now I have two separate bets for weight loss. One with my friend and one with a co-worker. I'm not much of a competitive person, but I wanted a way to keep myself accountable. And having accountability at work and in my personal life helps. Each bet is 50 bucks for most weight lost in 90 days. I figure, if I lose a lot of weight (my goal is 55 lbs) , I'll secure 100 bucks!, if I slack off, I'm out a hundred. I don't make very much working at a charity, so not losing 100 bucks is a good enough motivation.

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Posted: 09 May 2007, 23:33
Funny how money is probably the #1 incentive, if it works then go for it. I like to place restrictions on myself as well like if I don't achieve what I want then I won't spend money on certain game tickets just to keep the pressure on. WE all have our own unique drivers don't we. Cool

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Posted: 13 Jan 2009, 10:44
Geez, I'd HOPE losing a 100 bucks would motivate you. I'm currently in a competition with a co-worker and so far the only 'prize' is bragging rights since we're both trying to save money. But... we're both pretty competitive so it's enough. Betting definitely makes it more interesting...I'm not sure I'd be confident enough to bet money though.

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Posted: 24 Feb 2018, 10:14
I don't bet but my brother-in-law Phillip did this several years ago. He had to lose 100 lbs within 2 yrs. If he did he got $100 if he didn't he had to pay $100 . He got the $100 He lost the 100 lbs and three weeks after he completed the wager he had a stroke. Doctors told him if he hadn't lost the weight it probably would have killed him. He is doing great today and has lost even more weight, walks every day and even does 5 and 10 k marathons.

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