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Posted: 27 Mar 2020, 03:39
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Click on the person's name the go down to the bottom of the page and click on Report Abuse.
by shirfleur 1 on 03 Jun 20 11:27 AM
Auto duplicated meal enties
I am having a problem with duplicate entries. I enter a meal’s items in the app, but then when I come back to it later to enter another meal, all the existing entries duplicate themselves and my calorie ...
by graceleigh1 on 01 Jun 20 01:26 AM
Hi, my country appears as Africa but I am in Australia, how do I change it? Gayle Byrne
by gaggles8 on 31 May 20 04:14 PM
Nutrition Data Accuracy
Michaels13 wrote: @waycoolbeerg, you missed my point. I'm aware of the science side of it being slightly subjective. My problem is the nutrition information accuracy. There is no science there. The ...
by Stuart Lewis on 25 May 20 06:03 PM
salt v sodium
I'm slightly confused between the Android mobile App which asks for/gives Sodium values and the UK nutrition information on packaging which has Salt. Your online version also has Salt I know you ...
by Stuart Lewis on 25 May 20 05:55 PM

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