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Posted: 21 Nov 2019, 19:25
On a 2000 daily calorie diet:
What is the recommended grams for Fat, Carbs, Protein, Sodium, and Fibre?

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Posted: 22 Nov 2019, 10:24
You generally have to figure out what works for you - some people are doing high fat, low carb. Others are doing high protein, low fat. I found medium fat and balanced protein and carbs works for me, and the fiber doesn't really matter with me.
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Posted: 23 Nov 2019, 07:44
If you do low fat then ...

1g of fat = 9 calories
The heart foundation recommends your daily fat intake not to be more than 30% of your daily calorie intake. This then means:
2000×.30 = 600 calories
Which equals to 600 ÷ 9 = 66.67g of fat daily max.

Should you be on keto or banting you actually do chase a high fat intake with very low carb intake (ideally below 20g) to induce and maintain ketosis!

It is always good to go high fibre ... but ... accompany that with a high water or fluid intake to prevent constipation!
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Posted: 24 Nov 2019, 23:03
Thank you for your advice. Both of you.
Yes, everyday is a new day. I will remember that! A new day to start over.
It is a marathon and not a sprint. I want to sprint first, then coast on a marathon once I am ahead Smile

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