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Moe Menard

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Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 08:50
Good Morning All! Just wanted to share that I finally reached the 200 lb. mark which has been surprisingly hard to reach. It has taken much more exercise than dieting bcz I don't diet as carefully as I could, but the exercise is what worked for me. Now - onward to the 195 mark. Very Happy

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Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 15:54
in the end diet/good calories is king and I would say 80% of success ,you cant out train a bad diet if you want long lasting success

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Once again eyes on the horizon to succeed. I cheated a bit with a small bowl of ice cream and on Saturday a glass of wine. I felt really guilty and fully expected to suffer on the scales this morning. ...
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Fast 800
Winning56 wrote: Jeez 'spacey48'................nah, on second thoughts, not worth replying. facts are facts this has been around for years....still keep drinking the coolade if it makes you ...
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Just a thought. The more I think about food, the hungrier I get. For that reason I've never kept a food journal. Instead I like to record my mileage - walking and biking. That motivates me to stay ...
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When choosing foods from the lists provided here, how can I enter just a portion of it to my daily log? For instance, entering 1/2 c. of milk instead of 1 c.
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Banting diet not working
wow you must be a scientific miracle ………………………...or your not being honest with yourself or us...………….weight doesn't increase by itself you can be in 3 states only....weight loss- weight maintainance- ...
by spacey48 on 06 Nov 19 02:47 PM

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Take small helps and once u get used to it, u dont miss eating a small amount also helps so theres no leftovers..
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