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New Starter seeking diet buddy
COUNT ME IN!!!! I have not [i]technically[/i] started the program yet :oops: but my at work buddy is back from her vacation on Monday and I'll have that extra bit of motivation! Let's do this!!!!!
by weemet134 (submitted 11 years ago)
Exercise videos
I quite like Winsor Pilates. They're not a high intensity workout, but a great ab workout.
by weemet134 (submitted 11 years ago)
Handy Website
The first time around when following the South Beach Diet, I came accross this web site that I found very helpful: Hope the link both works and is helpful!
by weemet134 (submitted 11 years ago)
Is it better to...
Hit the gym with your friend at 6, but have a bigger than usual lunch, a lighter dinner and a good snack before the gym (not too heavy, you don't want to cramp up!) and you should be good!
by weemet134 (submitted 11 years ago)
Help with stall!!
Have you tried changing up your workout? Increase the intensity and add some strength training. Lean muscle ups your metabolism. The scale might not move, but you will lose inches. Or, try and aquafit class. I lost a total of three inches in two weeks...the scale didn't move, but my finacee told me I was shrinking! I didn't change my diet at that point either! I hope this helps!!!
by weemet134 (submitted 11 years ago)

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help please
Sorry this is so late, I hope you're still on the site. I had some trouble with this and just had to go in and change my settings. The default seems all messed up, at least for me. Once I changed the ...
by katies71 on 12 Dec 18 01:44 PM
New Here
Hi Eleanor, welcome. I am kind of new as well.
by Diminishing_ME on 12 Dec 18 07:38 AM
Activity trackers: fitbit charge 3 or ionic , garmin vivosport or vivosmart 4
I have read lots of reviews and user comments and finally i ordered a...Polar M430. I wanted Garmin's "Body battery" and FitBit's "Sleep" but i preferred Polar's M430 HR ...
by Tassos67 on 10 Dec 18 03:38 PM
Found My Belt Buckle!
good for you!!!!
by liv001 on 10 Dec 18 11:20 AM
Weight Gain?
Maybe switch it up a bit. There are different things to do. Have a off keto day, Eat high calories, and then later do some fasting.
by liv001 on 09 Dec 18 10:07 PM
More Fast Food My Way
Me too. The competition shows are fun, but I miss the days when Food Network was mostly instructional. But I no longer have cable and there's plenty on YouTube so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by johncip on 09 Dec 18 03:52 PM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins