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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Weigh yourself only in the morning-- you will be lighter at that time!
by seafood_eater (submitted 4 years ago)
fruit: can you live without it?
The trick is to find one you like. I know a person that will not eat any fruit except raspberries.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
no 30 day shred results-_- whats wrong with me
It is much better to pick the heaviest weight that you can only manage 8-12 reps with (in good form). Lots of reps with light weights is not very effective. Remember, you must let the muscles recover for a few days before repeating the same muscle group. If you want to exercise every day, then you need to rotate through the groups. The best measure of progress is that EVERY SINGLE TIME you can either do more reps or manage an increased weight. If not, something is wrong.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
Butter -v- Margarine
Keep the butter, ditch the bread for more nutritious carbs! And so true, the real problem with animal fats for many people is excessive consumption throwing caloric balance way off.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
diet coke
Diet soda, for whatever reason, is correlated with over eating. Same with bread and pasta. Some people handle it well and others badly. Most people would be better off without. Eat your veggies! And your fish!
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
Weight Training vs Cardio??
Weight training is clearly better. If you are in caloric balance while lifting weights, your weight stays constant but you become thinner by building muscle while losing fat. That won't happen with cardio, you will just stay the same. Having said that, adding cardio after weight training or on "off" days makes you feel good and quickens the weight loss (or allows you to eat more, take your pick). HIIT is most effective per time spent on cardio because of its boost to the metabolism.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
No grains. They are as bad for you as sugar. Replace with nutrient rich carbs.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
Trying to figure out how to make Chobani's yogurt taste better.
Many people like Fage better. It is the only brand available in US that is actually sold in Greece. I like Chobani-- I always get it 0% and plain, adding my own berries and chia-- but I recently tried Fage and like it much better. It is more expensive but worth it. The cost for me is dominated by fresh berries anyway.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
The more I read, the worst it get...
The answer is simple. If you measure your calories accurately (easy to do) and then measure your weight loss over a few weeks, you can work backwards to figure out calories burned. In your case it is obvious you are burning no where near the 4000 calories per day that you claim. Not even close.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
blown day
A pig-out serving of movie theater popcorn is a truly evil food choice and can easily top 1000 cal. It is demoralizing when you consider it wipes out the previous two days that you worked so hard to exercise to a calorie deficit while eating healthy foods. Having said that, I do it once in a while when I take my daughter to the movies. But not too often. That is exactly why I have to watch what kind of foods I eat, because if I eat junk food or even "healthy" grains, I can't keep satisfied with a calorie balance. So I am no grain with my calculated exceptions (like a bit of stuffing on Thanksgiving and date night with my daughter at the movies).
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
Fiber Intake
In love chia too-- superfood of the Aztec warriors-- but have to special order it. For me usually chia in yogurt or fruit smoothies, and flax in veggie smoothies. One of those every day. Also raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds are great as a standalone snack or on salads.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
Fiber Intake
[quote=newmooney]I have been avoiding simple carbs like bread, rice, cereals etc so haven't had fibre from those things but I have been eating lots of fruit and veggies daily and drink coffee and water only and still suffer from irregularity, I am going to try the psyllium. I also have ground flaxseed, does anyone have any suggestions how I could ingest that without it tasting like crap ;)?[/quote] You don't like the taste of flax? It has a very subtle nutty taste. Warning: it goes rancid very easily when ground. Buy it whole and grind it fresh for each use. And store the seeds in a well-sealed container in the fridge.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
Anyone else weigh MORE after doing a poo!
My theory is you are shitting antimatter. Market that as a diet supplement and the reverse will occur... weight loss when you eat it! A veritable gold mine.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I used to not weigh at all (no scale). Then I got quite a bit thinner and was curious about my weight so I bought a decent scale that reads digitally to 2 tenths lb. I was guessing that I was going to come in around 190. WRONG. I came in at 205. Then I started weighing daily out of curiosity. I set a (somewhat arbitrary) goal of 185, with a primary goal of just becoming thinner. The weight came off very slowly but steadily. Not too much fluctuation. Since I am at a weight that I like, it makes me feel good to step on the scale first thing every morning. If I did not like my weight, I would only weigh once per week. Also, a heavier person can more easily have larger absolute fluctuations due to water retention. It would be a shame to be discouraged by a fluctuation on an otherwise good day.
by seafood_eater (submitted 5 years ago)
What is better for losing weight: weightlifting or jogging?
AMEN Iornaw. Summary: Eat more protein and fat, get your carbs from vegetables and fruits, and eat less of everything. Exercise regularly, but exercise smart. Increase the intensity and shorten the time.
by seafood_eater (submitted 6 years ago)
What is better for losing weight: weightlifting or jogging?
Weights, but you need to lift them to FAILURE, the most you can do and not an ounce more. Twice a week is plenty.
by seafood_eater (submitted 6 years ago)
Cardio machines at home
If you can, it is better to join a gym, reason being that your body will accommodate your exercise if you don't mix it up regularly. The elliptical, stair climber, treadmill, bicycle all have their function. The best thing you can do on any of these machines is high intensity interval training (HIIT). You may read much about this on the internet. 20 minutes of HIIT is worth more than an hour of ordinary cardio and has a lasting fat burn due to elevated metabolism. The trick is you have to go "all out" your heart will feel its popping out of your body and you will only be able to do it about twice per week. But it can shake you out of a plateau like nothing else.
by seafood_eater (submitted 6 years ago)
Low calories, high carb diet?
Want to try something healthy that will work? If you can, give up all grains. The science behind it is the grains screw up your insulin balance which then promotes fat storage. Then eat what you want within reason. You will probably find yourself loading up on lots of healthy nutrient-rich carbs.
by seafood_eater (submitted 6 years ago)
Eggs are a superfood. Go for the free-range if you can, you can literally see the nutrition in the bright orange yokes due to the chicken's diet. I have backyard chickens and it is hard for me to eat an egg from somewhere else. PS The fat and cholesterol in the eggs are GOOD for you. There is scientific proof for this. If you want a reference, I can provide it. Don't worry about eating as many as you want within your calorie budget.
by seafood_eater (submitted 6 years ago)
You don't always have to refuse the tasty treat. Have that treat occasionally but keep the portion down. For me, the biggest difference in my diet was to give up grains. Sat. night in an Italian restaurant with a bread basket to die for, I took just one bite dipped in olive oil. I feasted on muscles and salad. Sun. night I was invited to dinner and the food was very healthy, chicken, peas, red peppers and rice-- I took just one small spoon of rice and a normal portion of the rest.
by seafood_eater (submitted 6 years ago)
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