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Will someone please come kick me in the BUTT?!
You know I read the thread title and was all ready to provide some butt kicking motivation. And then I read your post! That changed everything! I eat pizza all the time! It is one of my favs! I just make sure I account for what I eat in my other food choices and exercise for the day! Don't beat yourself up over 2 slices. You are more likely to stick to your healthier lifestyle if you don't deny yourself everything all the time!
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
foods you had no idea where THAT bad!
My husband's Subway sandwich! It is almost, if not over 2000 calories. He gets the footlong meatball on Italian herb & cheese bread. Loads it with American, Provolon & Parmesan Cheeses. I love cheese like any sane human, but I do not need 4 different cheeses on my sandwich! He also adds the full fat mayo! He does load it with lots of veggies though, but it doesn't do him much good with all that freaking cheese.
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
Ranch Dressing
I like the idea of salsa and low fat. That sounds great. I will have to try that. For the time being I am eating regular ranch in lower quantity.
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
Ranch Dressing
The Kraft is what I have and I am not to fond of it. It's ok, but a little to tangy and thin for my taste.
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
Ranch Dressing
Thanks I will check it out!
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
Ranch Dressing
I am on a search for a really good fat free ranch dressing! Does anyone know of any?
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
Motivation buddy?
Hey. I'm 27/f and looking to lose a total of 60 lbs. I have been on here for just over 3 weeks and have lost 8lbs so far. My philosophy is that I am not dieting, I am making lifestyle changes. You can read about it in my journal. I would be happy to help keep you ladies motivated if you will do the same for me! :)
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
How often do you step on the scale?
I do it once per week! I would get to easily obsessed if I did it everyday. Plus, by doing it once a week I am much more excited to see what I have lost. I also take measurements once a week, but not on the same day I weigh in. I take measurements on Sunday and weigh in on Wednesday. This way I can make sure I am on track throughout the week.
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
u guys just dont understand
Paris, You definitly need to do some soul searching. I have tried to lose weight on and off for the last 5 years with no lasting success. This is actually my second go around with FS. This time is different and I believe it is because I have taken the time to think about what I want to do with my life, what would make me truly happy. I set a plan for how I am going to get there. It involves losing weight, but that is not my ultimate goal, it's just a means of reaching my goal. I want to love myself. When my husband I started dating/engaged I used to think the same things. "Is he grossed out by the excess weight?" "Does he imagine other women in magazines and on tv?" I was very inscure about our relationship and it did affect the way we interacted. I could never truly enjoy a moment alone because I had a constant stream of doubt going through me. Somewhere along the line I let it go. I realized that if he didn't want to be with me he wouldn't be. We recently read a book that is going a long way to help us strength our relationship. It's call the The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapmen. A lot of the issues we were having made so much more sense after this. It is all about how everyone communicates their love in different ways. Check it out! It was one of the best $15 investments we have made. Also, check out your church, see if they offer any sort of pre-marriage counciling. They should be able to help you fix your relationship and find out what your true goals are. I know being a mom and fiance/wife can be diffcult and seem like you are always doing things for everyone else, but you HAVE to take time for yourself. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!! You deserve to be happy!
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)
Supplements and Vitamins
I take a prenatal multi-vitamin because I am trying to get pregnant. I also take Emergen-C vitamin packs. It's a powder you add to 4oz. of water. It has 25 calories, but it helps boost your immune system.
by sarah121haras (submitted 10 years ago)

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I would like to change my goal weight,
I found it under my fat secret -> my weight history. bottom right. Change goal wight
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Just saying hello
Back in the weight loss game. This is the first time I’ve used an app and community. I used to calorie count with spread sheets and google. Only in day two, but so far I like this. Good luck all, ...
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Congratulations - its an excellent feeling to break through a plateau. Well done. Keep up the good work.
by janetmay on 21 Sep 20 05:46 AM
Menopause is temporary and after its over everything will come right again.
by janetmay on 21 Sep 20 05:45 AM
* New Beginning! So Happy! * :)
Congratulations on deciding to lead a healthy life. Good luck and keep on keeping on. You will succeed.
by janetmay on 21 Sep 20 05:43 AM
Day #1
There is no time like the present. I always started again on a Monday whenever I have failed in the past. But why would you wait that long. Start over immediately.
by janetmay on 21 Sep 20 05:41 AM

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