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hear hear... btw, you should never blindly follow those advices. Try to learn how to feel what your body needs instead. Eliminate all sorts of eating that is not nutrition-based (like emotional eating, stress eating, social eating etc etc)
by puhpine (submitted 4 years ago)
I did everything right, but still gained weight today.
stop looking at the scale... it is a distorded view of the truth, specially for people like you and me who work-out a lot! water/ salt/ hormones/ weather/ bowlmovements/ gas/ muscl-ache are all factors that influence your weight day to day. Make an aim and focus on reaching that aim. if you like working out, the best aim is some achievement or another. If losing weight is your aim, slow down the work-out to mainenance level and reduce the calories accordingly.
by puhpine (submitted 4 years ago)
Grocery list
banana (potassium), tomato alternative for fat sauces (debatable if that is a fruit), apple (sauced, heated, juiced, you name it), cucumber (pickled or not)(again debatable) and granberries (stool)
by puhpine (submitted 4 years ago)
Disapointing Week
interesting theory, i'm bound to test numerous times in the future (*lol*)
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
I'm hungryy
a little "tkddb" deb_n... its a dutch saying when people make punch line statements that are not untrue, but at the same time does not cover the answer to a problem adequately. *** to sleep you need a lot of ingredients, one of which is a peaceful state of mind. A lot of people reach that state simply by eating. You must teach yourself to reach that state some other way, for example by making yourself "tired" enough by exercising. But this also doesn't cover the whole story. There is yoga, mantra, scented candles, bath, aromas, natural drops and homeopathic pills and lots of other ways to calm the soul. To calm the mind you need to get rid of 'the monster within', whatever it is that is keeping your mind occupied and preventing it from resting, which can be a long and painful process. *** eating is easier most of the time ;)
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
lowest carb eh? howabout tuna-salad? high in protein, and some healthy fats from fish-oils, omega 3s, potassium and vitamin c? if you dont like tuna, you can make it with miss out on the omega3 and the potassium, but you still have high protein high vitamin snack.
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
What do you add to your salad to jazz it up?
another nice protein rich and very healthy salad: strawberries, roastbeef (thin slices) and lettuce. if you still have room for some peanuts in your diet add 10 grams of nuts...
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
What do you add to your salad to jazz it up?
for you protein lovers: pickles and tuna with lettuce makes a great salad!!! for extra potassium add some tomatoes. because of the fat in the tuna and the moist in the pickles, no dressing is neaded!
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
Why would you eat nuts?
@kenni_z peanuts are a very good source of mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid. It helps to lower LDL or "bad cholesterol" and increases HDL or "[b]good cholesterol[/b]” level in the blood. These nuts are a good source of [b]dietary protein[/b] (non animal, for vegans) The nuts are an excellent source of [b]vitamin E [/b](a-tocopherol); The nuts are packed with many important [b]B-complex groups[/b] of vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6, and folates. The nuts are rich source of minerals like [b]copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc,[/b] and [b]selenium. [/b] [i]They may not fit YOUR diet, but my diet contains (some) nuts on a daily basis![/i] source: [url=][/url]
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
How to post pictures in the Forums and in Journals!
has FS changed something? i am a pretty smart girl, but i cannot get this to work... feeling very frustrated blond and dumb right now... cant get this link to work in my journal today :( (and bump)
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
looking for some that needs motivation as much as I do
hi there Jenn, Maybe you want to tell something about how you plan to achieve your goal? I been "at it" for two years now, and i lost 25 kilo. I still have about 20 kilo to go (wanna take it slow, about two years to reach that) My believes are in my profile, please read them before you become my buddie. have a nice day! maud
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
Fitness routine
you sound like arnold, chad!!! incognito?
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
You lost what?!
you do the math yourself: 113 kilo minus 85.7 kilo converted to pounds ... come one CR, you set out to target me here right!!! (*LOL*) (really cant stop laughing)
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
Feeling unhappy even after weight loss?
What is a compliment? Why is it given? I have issues with getting compliments my whole life, because usually i just don't "get" them... example, someone i know all my life, and never said one word about my weight, alsways said even that he had no problem with it was now suddenly saying to me that i was doing such a good job. But what do i hear? I hear him saying that all those years he was watching and thinking i was not doing a good job... so to me he was lying to me for all those years... example: my aunt was always trying to get me to lose weight, she was bugging me and harassing me all the time. Last time i saw her she gave me a big compliment on my weight. But what did i hear? i heard her say that she thought i was finally catching on to something she was telling me years ago, as if it where HER remarks that made me change, when i fact her remarks always made me eat and cry. example: someone at the gym gave me a huge compliment telling me that i always give it my best, and that i am an example to the whole club, but then she alsio starts to give me all sorts of tips and trick how i could be doing better... what do i hear? you are doing ok enough, but if she was in my shoes she could do the same in a lot shorter time, or more efficiently. example: someone tried to give me a compliment by telling me i looked a lot better now, and added that i must be a lot happier. I just don't understand why the person thought i was unhappy in the first place. i just changed the outside, inside i a still the same person having ups and downs like everyone... i was never unhappy because of my weight! i was unhappy with the way others reacted to my weight, but that is not the same thing! i can go one giving examples for ages... i just don't get them, if i was to believe them in the first place... Now i just nod and laugh, and politely say Thanks... usually i believe a compliment is given as a question for attention, listen good to the compliment usually you know what they are asking. my experience is that a compliment hardly ever is about you (with the small exeption when it is given to you by a very close friend that is truly happy for you)
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
Dieting – Is It The Right Thing To Do
i admit in all your terms and explanations to have a diet. I must also admit to the fact i have involuntary indulgence days (binging) But i blame that to the fact my nutritional guidelines are not perfect fr me yet, so i adjust the nutritional factors until i find something that works for me. However in order to get this perfect nutritional guidelines, i try to use the health guidelines used by various countries, this site, people i trust, nutritionist, doctor and many many more resources. In order to keep up this new lifestyle i have to write everything down i eat, weigh myself, review, adjust, write down etc etc. So in your words and definition a diet. However, i am at the same time eating healthy, because that is the whole purpose of my diet. So i still don't see why using guidelines (a diet), cannot be healthy eating? Or why healthy eating cannot be measured and monitored. Finally, you make an off topic remark about people integrating sports into their lifestyle. I lost about 23 kilos of mainly fat. I still have about 23 kilos to go. I figured how else am i gonna fill up all that ugly loose skin? I am 40-something years old, i still have about 30 good years to go before i have to quit the active lifestyle. Whatever happens after that, (if i live long enough to see those days) i have already won my battle, for if i stayed 113 kilos i would be dead within 30 years... maud.
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
Dieting – Is It The Right Thing To Do
i do know one reason hardly anybody comes to FS to say they kept it off is because FS is a tool, and they don't need to come here anymore to tell us... my friend used FS two years back she still lost the weight... ok is not 5 years yet, but she is doing fine... So all we hear here are the fail-stories... or the long term offenders like me :) maud. ps: always good to define terms before argument. diet: The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. In my opinion this does not necessarily restricts foods. But in your definition it does, so we'll go from that... Healthy eating means consuming the right quantities of foods from all food groups in order to lead a healthy life. If a healthy life is a life where the subject does not weigh 226 pounds (and counting) , how can you not restrict foods? in order to lead the so called healthy life you have to adjust the right quantities of the foods you eat. i still think that is the same as calling it a diet. ps if i annoy you in any way, please feel free to kick me anytime, and i'll shut up. (*lol*) maud.
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
Dieting – Is It The Right Thing To Do
i do not understand the distinction between 1. and 2. they go together! You have to do 1. to get the weight off, but to keep it of you have to 2. if you only do 2. (meaning eating exactly the kcalories for maintenance, or else you would be dieting) you stay the same weight, if you only do 1. (eating less kcals without serious lifestyle changes) you will gain it back again... correct me if im wrong KingKeld... maud.
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
So Many Dietitians
Here is another unwanted advise: I recently made an FAQ and really intent to hand it out if someone asks me one more stupid question!!! two of the remarks on my FAQ i will share, the rest you can ask for in the mail: -people are watching and their comments can cut like knifes. It is equally hard to get a compliment on a day when you fell off the wagon as it is when a friend points at you and states you should loose some more on a day where your scales just rewarded you with a kilo off... You wear your problem on the outside. -Somehow the looks and comments you get when you are fat, hurt more when they are given while you are trying to do something about it. -People can really throw you off track trying to tell you what you are doing wrong when you feel like you are doing right. As if you are not already insecure enough. maud.
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
Need ideas for more PROTEIN please!
hennep protein, you gotto love Holland (*grin*) but ratio 100 gr for 50 grams protein. just kidding, have a "groovy" day. maud.
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
Starting dieting with stress and depression.
Well, everyone here has stood on the ledge where you are now. psysical discomforts, mental challenges, together we have seen it all. first question you have to ask yourself is: 1. What things make my mood go up, what motivates me? 2. What things make my mood go down, what stresses me out? ps: food will be on both answers, but you have to cross that off your list :roll: second question, can i cross one thing daily off my number 2. list and add one thing daily on my number 1. list. ready? go for it! maud.
by puhpine (submitted 5 years ago)
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