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Just curious : What made you fall for your better half?
My husband is awesome in a lot of ways (great cook, seriously handsome, brilliant scientist, hilarious sense of humor), but the coolest thing he has done for me and for our relationship is to rebel against the arranged marriage system in his home country of India. He had to fight for two years for his family to even agree to meet me. We finally got married in India last July in a traditional Hindu ceremony with 1,000 of his family and friends attending. We are now adjusting to our bi-cultural household...which is pretty much why I am here at this site - eating insanely delicious Indian food nearly every day is not kind to the waistline... :)
by pavoreal (submitted 8 years ago)
Exercise music - what are you listening to?
I stream Pandora on my BlackBerry while exercising. What I listen to definitely depends on my mood, but I find the Pandora Stations I use most while working out are Lil Wayne, The Killers, and The Stone Roses. What I love about Pandora is the surprise of not knowing what you'll hear next. I made the $3 a month investment in the ad-free $36 I have ever spent.
by pavoreal (submitted 8 years ago)
Reasonable - ish fast food options please
Starbucks is a good option. They have several different choices that are healthy, like the fruit/nut combos, hummus and veggies, etc. Grab a veggie and hummus plate, a banana, and an iced green tea - seems like that would be a lot healthier than the Chinese take-out. Just stay away from the pastries. :)
by pavoreal (submitted 8 years ago)
What WAS on your most eaten food list
1. Starbucks venti breve misto(this is a 20 oz drink that is 50 percent half and half, y'all! And I would add tons and tons of sugar on top of that...) 2. Mozarella sticks from Sonic 3. Dr. Pepper + lime 4. Domino's cheese pizza 5. Paneer (which is Indian cheese) Butter Masala + tons of rice and naan 6. Any kind of vegetarian pasta involving lots of cheese/cream sauce 7. Wine 8. Other booze 9. Einstein Bros. asiago bagel + cream cheese 10. Cheese sandwich on white bread Gosh. I sure do like cheese!
by pavoreal (submitted 8 years ago)
For the Ladies: Sports Bras?
Enell looks awesome - I love it 'Performance Apparel for Well-Endowed Women' - pretty straight to the point! I went through several bras before getting some Champion brand ones with underwire at Sports Authority. They're good bras, but again as others have stated they are hideous, only come in white, and are pretty hard to put on - have to pull it over your head like a shirt, and then manage a quadruple hook and eye situation in the back. I often find that I have actually put it on backwards, and then feel silly! I'm definitely going to check out these Enell products.
by pavoreal (submitted 8 years ago)
7 NEW RULES for the Gym
Ah! I am so in agreement with everyone on the 'naked' posts. Yesterday I was waiting patiently to get to my locker to remove my items, and a lady stood there, very naked, just having a nice long conversation with another person who walked in. It is a VERY tiny locker room and it was pretty obvious that I was waiting to get into my space, and once I finally got the courage up to move close to the naked person and say, 'excuse me, just need to get my stuff out' she looked at me like I was rude and awful. I just do not see how these people have long full-on conversations while naked with strangers! Second one involves the sauna. The other day I was in the dry sauna (my treat after working out - I LOVE the sauna!) and there was a big guy in just small shorts, nothing else - no shirt, no shoes...just lying down, stretched out taking up one entire section of the sauna room. I sat as far away from him as I could. Another guy came in and we stared at each other in shock as the gross guy kept putting his hands to his scalp, scratching and shaking, causing his sweat to fly everywhere. I swear I nearly threw up. He kept this up the whole time - as if it were his own persona sauna! Yuck!!!
by pavoreal (submitted 8 years ago)

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You may have to contact fs on this one
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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins
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