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Scale issues
I weighed my self 3 times in a row the other day and got 3 different weights, about 1.5 pounds difference each time, I think I need to get a different scale. I am going to try the one at the gym and see what it says to get a better idea. Maybe trying a different one to see if the numbers are different will help know if the scale is off.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
Want to lose but don't want to workout in a gym?
I know it can cost money, but I use a wii fit and it is great. There are other products out there like it also. You can do different things and listen to music or something on the computer if you want.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
Just cannot drink enough water
This may sound weird, but I find that what I am drinking the water out of makes a difference. A regular cup I wonT drink much. However if I have a straw or my water bottel, I use one of Camelbak ones that have a starw I drink a lot more. I also have found that if it is not cold I will not drink much.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
Raw whole food....
I am not sure about raw food, dairy however, expecially cow milk is hard for all humans to digest. Some more than others. It is made for baby cows and has hormones and stuff in it for them.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
done with Atkins
I find that not having to limit my self, well limit but not cut out stuff has helped the most. I try and weigh everything I eat or make so I know how much I really am eating. What most people think is a serving is false. It can be slow and hard to stick with but I know that it is working and I will keep with it. Good Luck
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
College Diet
Really any individually frozen meat is good. Fish and chicken are what I get a lot. Look for what fish is on sale. The fish is really quick to thaw and the chicken can been cooked frozen. If you can try a Costco or someplace like that. It can me more money up front but you can really save in the long run. We also get pork loins there and cut them up at home. If you look on line you can find out how and they are a lot cheaper.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
College Diet
[quote=djmikalobe]Busy grad student here. If you aren't too concerned about your sodium intake, I suggest Campbell's Chunky Soup, but get the 'Healthy Request' ones. They have lower sodium than the regular ones. A whole can is usually under 300 calories and is decently filling. I also get chicken breasts. Usually raw, frozen ones are the cheapest around my town. The Purdue ones come in a blue box of 10 or so, individually wrapped. Just throw 2 individually wrapped ones in a pot of water for 30 min to thaw, then unwrap and throw some on the George Foreman grill or on a non-stick pan (use non-stick spray if you want). Season with whatever spices you want. Makes for a filling and healthy dinner. 2 Chicken breasts are only 350 calories.[/quote] No need to thaw, Just place in the pan frozen with spices and a lid. Use it all the time
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
A Before and After picture
WOW, Congrats, you look great.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
Have. Lost. Motivation.
Try changing up what you were doing to find something you enjoy.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
For ya'll ladies out there
My cravings always sucks durring my period, I just try and go with what my body wants but do it reasonably, instead of a big bowl of ice cream I eat a small amout. It helps me and I can still get what I am wanting. When I try and ignore or fight them they just get worse.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
I love breakfast, I used to only eat it on the weekends or when I had a day off. My fiancee makes breakfast now so I have gotten used to eating it. We eat egg about 5 times a week, either scrambles or fried, I find that I feel much better threw the day if I eat breakfast.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
A Questions For Eliptical Runners
I have the same problem, it is kinda nice to know that other people have the same problem
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
kettlebeller's out there?
I agree that they need to update the exercise list. I use what the machine tells me for elliptical. If you just google calories burned kettlebell you may find something then use it under other.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
Who is following your own healthy lifestyle plan?
I have read about all differnt diets and thought that would never work for me because I like all different foods. I have been watching what I eat and limiting my calories and now I find that I get fuller faster I dont eat everything when I go out and I can still have the beer I want everynow and then or the pice of cake. I dont crave sweets that much so that was not a hard thing to limit but I do love food. I love to eat good food and my fiancee love to cook good food. We are both trying to watch what we eat, some days we do better than others. This week is going to be hard. I tend to crave different foods, and sometimes no food when I am on my period TMI sorry, so I will see how well I do.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
odd hours
When do get up? When do you go to bed? Breakfast dose not have to be in the morning it is just the first meal of the day and if you hours are differnt than most adjust your eating to work with when you are up and needing the energy.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
101 Reasons to Lose Weight
[quote=sorbet14]Oh, and one more thing! I can't believe I didn't think of this right away -- for the sake of my favorite jeans! I've got such an annoying chafing problem that I actually get holes worn in to my upper inner thighs, and it destroys jeans to the point of not being able to wear them anymore in public. Yuck! Here's to no more chafing![/quote] Very much looking forward to this.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
101 Reasons to Lose Weight
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)
one day to rest/splurge?
I do one free day as long as I have been good for the week. But I make sure that I don't go overboard. Keep track of your total loss of calories for the week and make sure you are not eating enought to undo it. For me if I dont see much weight loss I will stay strictor for the free day.
by nisuoc (submitted 10 years ago)

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