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Love or Obligation
You all are awesome, love this string of comments. I have been saying all along... ITS A LIFESTYLE
by momie_bear (submitted 12 years ago)
Heart Disease
Why loose weight. For me it's all about life style and how long I want to live! Eat wrong, clog veins! Eat right, feel right, live longer. I find that the weight is my secondary goal. When I went to the cardio doctor and he took a scan of my arteries and found 30-40% plague I was shocked. It motivated me to do doing something about my eating habits. In one month I dropped almost 16 lbs but more significate I lower my lipid count by 50%. I want to live to see 90 and my great grand children. Heart disease is the[b] NUMBER ONE killer of women! [/b]mostly overweight women with wrong eating habits. Do this for your life not a diet!
by momie_bear (submitted 12 years ago)
Want to join a network ages 45+ on South Beach
Went to Wild Oats Market today. A little overwhelming but I made it through. They have so much on the shelves. I have lost a half of pound this week, after losing 14 in two weeks I knew I would slow down. I go to the doctors tomorrow. I need to get off HRT, not looking forward to that move! I want to calabrate my home scales to the ones at the doctors office.
by momie_bear (submitted 12 years ago)
Chicken Soup Substitute
Sounds like a winner, I think I will try it soon.
by momie_bear (submitted 12 years ago)
Want to join a network ages 45+ on South Beach
Thank you, I have spent most of the evening looking and reading the website. I have made me a list of things I want to pick up at the health food store.
by momie_bear (submitted 12 years ago)
Want to join a network ages 45+ on South Beach
I am almost ready to progress from stage one. Have some conserns about carbs. I desire to make this a life style change. Want to join others, I am a great encourager. :d
by momie_bear (submitted 12 years ago)

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Milk has a lot of lactose... So that does it. You can lower calories by choosing lower fats. a cup of skim will have about 60 fewer calories than a cup of whole milk
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You know, everyone looses incentive at some point. Often when we find ourselves taking a step forward we end up taking two... or even ten steps backwards... but the key is having a dream - why are you ...
by Melody-24 on 09 Dec 19 10:59 AM
Need to gain weight
eat more food! and maybe build some muscle
by spacey48 on 08 Dec 19 01:01 PM
Que bueno y satisfactorio es saber que debes subir de peso cuando hace 3 meses llegaste a pesar 18 kilos más que tu rango, y ahora me han dicho que este puede ser un mes de relax, pero no completo, ...
by GuilleAguayo on 08 Dec 19 11:58 AM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins
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