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WW Points -- Kinda Sorta Back?
I would use it! I was sad when the new look rolled out and the script ceased to work. Thank you for always keeping this up for us!! -Melissa
by missy360 (submitted 5 years ago)
WW Points -- Kinda Sorta Back?
There is a post somewhere in here that you can link to a different date and have it figure points instead of points plus. I did it on my work computer, but I have points plus on my home computer. I will find it and post it back here for you! I did find this in a previous post, it may help for now: If you just want to calculate points, there is a free calculator at
by missy360 (submitted 7 years ago)
Points vs. Calories
Romaine lettuce actually has a lot of protein!!! Check out the book "Eat to Live" by Joel Furhman. It gives a breakdown of the nutrition content of vegetables. Eating greens built the cow, not cows eating cows!
by missy360 (submitted 7 years ago)
WW Points -- Kinda Sorta Back?
Oh wow, I just did the math, I am down 56 lbs, not 46!!!!! I too weighed 176 and am at 120 now! Looking to 100 (I am only 5 ft tall!)
by missy360 (submitted 7 years ago)
WW Points -- Kinda Sorta Back?
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!!! I lost 46 lbs on the "old" WW program and I do not like the new Points Plus program. Thank-you so much for the app to figure the old system and telling us where to go get it!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!
by missy360 (submitted 7 years ago)

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Pig out
One day will not derail you. As long as tomorrow you pick up where you left off before the binge, you'll be fine. Dont make cheat days or binging a habit, and you'll be alright.
by immort777 on 26 May 19 10:38 AM
New to Fatsecret and excited!
You got this, Kathie!
by ProTeen on 25 May 19 04:22 PM
New to wellness
Hi Tana! Glad to have you with us! The important thing is to set the bar just high enough so that whatever you try with your diet and exercise is challenging, but not overwhelming. That's how you can ...
by ProTeen on 25 May 19 04:21 PM
Can anyone name a good high protein
The two that I've tried that have been good are ON Gold Standard Whey and multiple flavors by MyProtein. They have really awesome flavors that taste great!
by ProTeen on 25 May 19 04:17 PM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
My wife is 5'3" and she weighs 140, but wants to weigh 125.
by ProTeen on 25 May 19 03:58 PM
Looking Ahead!!
I was just diagnosed the same. I have been trying to eat 6 smaller meals and use whole wheat bread or pasta as well as Brown rice.One of the tips I read is to eat the fast turning carbs with protein or ...
by MamaMuto on 25 May 19 02:05 PM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins