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Be careful! I know for me after not eating fast food for a very long time and for some reason I do eat it....I get sick and it's so not worth it. All of the nasty fillers, fat, oil and other crazy preservatives don't work in my body anymore. So just keep in mind besides satisfying a craving there may be better choices....or make sure you're close to a bathroom! LOL! :)
by macarooon (submitted 7 years ago)
Know your privacy!!!
This came up for another buddy last year as well regarding privacy...atleast for me when I googled "macarooon" just thought I spelt macaroon wrong BUT if you still search with the extra "o" it comes up eventually. It's always a good reminder who is out there and who is looking at our stuff! Thanks Kat!
by macarooon (submitted 7 years ago)
Off the Wagon..
I used to feel like that when I went off my "plan" but then I realized I can't always live as planned...that's just not a life I want. I ate what I wanted this weekend and drank on Saturday but kind of figured that would happen based on what I had going on. For me, it's ok to have a something fattening with carbs and sugar from time to time because then I'm miserable when my diet is too restrictive. This morning I jumped right back into my meal plan and feel zero regret about that cheeseburger, jambalaya and beer! :) Just gotta fit some extra exercise in this week and drink lots of water. =D I decided long ago to not be disappointed with myself and regret the choices I made one weekend or else it would consume me. I hope you can get there too and not feel disappointed in yourself, that's not a good feeling and you've come this far!
by macarooon (submitted 7 years ago)
am i wrong?????!!!!!
Do what makes you happy and what you are comfortable with, Some of us need to be comfortable with what we are doing and how we're doing it to continue to want to exercise. By her saying "Sorry dude..etc..." this seems that this means more to you than it does her and doing for you is first and foremost. I think you handled it the best you could. :)
by macarooon (submitted 7 years ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Very noticeable! Lookin' great!!
by macarooon (submitted 7 years ago)
Check out my new color! YAY!
by macarooon (submitted 7 years ago)
How do you post a photo?
Thanks for the info! :)
by macarooon (submitted 7 years ago)
BE AWARE - Google and our journals
So I googled "macarooon" and luckily they just thought I spelled Macaroon wrong and I got 100's of recipes for macaroon related items (YUM!). Only Facebook came up under my's good to be boring msamy...I agree!! :) And I also agree with you ctlss - if I'm willing to let people see what I WEIGH (yikes!) then they can read what I write, which is all pretty boring if ya ask me! lol! :d
by macarooon (submitted 8 years ago)
Losing Weight on a Budget
This is all FaNtAsTiC information!! I mean I know what works for me but I think this is SO helpful to get an insite on other plans as well. I know she's probably not on the same level I am as far as a healthier lifestyle goes but hopefully your input will help her see that she has options but you just have to get off your a** and do it! After that it's all on her. Thank you all! :)
by macarooon (submitted 8 years ago)
Losing Weight on a Budget
Hey Ya'll! My friend is intersted in losing weight with me however one of her major complaints is that it is TOO expensive to diet and to buy the right foods. Does anyone have any tips for dieting/eating right on a budget?
by macarooon (submitted 8 years ago)
I bought an actual points calculator at the WW in my area that I carry with me. However it's starting to die :( So I found this site that IS the points calculator and it's just as easy! You're gonna love it ;)
by macarooon (submitted 8 years ago)

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How i do it.
Sleeping- 8 hours Eating- 2 hours Playing games- 9 hours chill with family 5 hours
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How i do it.
watching tv/computer-2 hours sitting- 1 hour sleeping-8 hours resting- 1 hour 50 minutes playing games- 1 hour 45 minutes Chilling with family- 9 hours.
by jasminepollard on 12 Oct 18 12:20 PM
How do you deal with the junk food cravings
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by dcwalker on 12 Oct 18 11:57 AM

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Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
05 Oct 18 for diet Atkins