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Couch to 5k
Wow! You have made amazing progress! Congratulations on all you have already accomplished! I never was a runner before but decided to challenge myself this year by training for a sprint triathlon which is 1/2 mile swim, 13 mi bike and 3.2 mi run (5K). I could barely run a mile at first and now can run 4. I got there by just starting out and trying to set my distances a little further each time. I would often walk for a minute in between and then keep going. After a while I no longer had to walk. I have heard that is a good program to try, or just try that on your own. Running has really helped slim me down. I run outside when it's nice but have been on the treadmill all winter long. Nothing gets me as sweaty as a run, so I know it is a great workout. Set your goal like 1 mile at first and see how long it takes you, including if you need to walk a little in there and then keep trying to beat that time or distance and you will increase your ablity little by little.
by livelifefully (submitted 10 years ago)
Your top 5 favorite running/workout songs:
Here's my top 5 favorite songs for running. I thought it would be fun to hear others' and get some good suggestions: I like these b/c they have a good steady beat and keep me motivated to move forward! 1. Lose My Soul- tobyMac/ Mandisa 2. Lose Yourself- Eminem (cleaner version) 3. Take a Bow- Rhianna 4. Ain't No Grave- Selah 5. Jump- Van Halen/ or Only the World- Mandisa
by livelifefully (submitted 10 years ago)
Word Association
baby, burn.
by livelifefully (submitted 10 years ago)
Ice Cream
I actually enjoy light ice cream almost every night. But, I plan for it so I don't feel guilty eating it and I enjoy it as a nice treat. My favorite is Edy's Grand Light French Silk. I put it in a sugar cone (50 cal. for the cone) just over the edge, about 1/2 cup in all. It's about 4 WW points. It's very good and feels indulgent but yet not so terrible. Just watch the portion size.
by livelifefully (submitted 10 years ago)
Losing Weight on a College Schedule
I am wondering since you are skipping breakfast, are you really hungry at lunch and eating too many calories there? It really is important to eat something for breakfast to "break the fast" and get your body back into burning mode. Even just keeping apples around would be good. I would think you can bring some apples back from the cafeteria or buy a bag from the store for pretty cheap. Eat high fiber at every meal if you can- like have a salad with each meal or veggies and a smaller portion of the main dish. As far as portable snacks go, again look for higher fiber, lower sugar things. Good snacks to go are Fiber One granola bar, a TLC honey almond flax chewy granola bar (both are really good and 2 points each), an apple or piece of fruit, a portioned bag of nuts (esp. almonds). I love a little cheese on an apple with almonds and some tea. The WW yogurt is very good too. I would stay away from their other snacks though if you can and try to stick to as much healthy, natural stuff as you can. Just b/c it is "diet" doesn't mean it will fill you up and it can cause more cravings. For nighttime eating, really try to keep your snack down to 2-4 points. Don't let yourself succumb to the late night pizza that is so tempting. If you have a freezer, I would keep a stash of your favorite low cal ice cream snack handy and plan out what you are going to eat so you are prepared and you don't feel guilty for eating it. I also have eaten slowly, sit down for all food, and really paid attention to what I am eating which makes eating feel more satisfying and easier to stop. Hope that helps!
by livelifefully (submitted 10 years ago)
I do this same self sabotauging thing to myself all the time. Her advice to write down everything is a good one. I have not done that for a long time and it was working out ok but I also didn't lose at all over the summer and fall. My weight was then slowly creeping up. So I am back to counting points this week again to jump start it. I know I went over yesterday so I was tempted to not write it down, but I will go back now and long in my dinner from last night. It's kind of a pain, but at the same time it does show the truth of what we are truly eating.
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
That was weird- I googled my screen name and yes there was all the info. I had an experience too with a somewhat innocent, but creepy message I got from a FS person. I reported it and they closed their account. Certainly they can be on again though and read anything. It is discouraging b/c you want to share this weight loss journey with others to be encouraged, but there are probably people out there reading with the wrong motives. I just am somewhat cautious now about what I share.
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Push Week Challenge Guidelines
Hey FS buddies! Let's make real progress toward our goals in this short Push Week Challenge. If you join, this week you will commit to: 1. Focus on healthy eating- mainly natural, unprocessed foods. Go with higher protein and fiber at each meal, lower on the carbs and sugars. Strive for veggies and/ or a salad at each meal. 2. Eat consciously! This means fork down between every bite. Take it slow and enjoy what you are eating. Stop eating when you think you are getting full!! 3. NO sneaking bites or standing while eating this week! No cheating while making the kids food! Every bite must be eaten intentionally while sitting down! 4. Exercise 4 hours b/w Monday-Friday. This should include: *2 hours cardio- step it up a notch *1 hour of weights- again step it up *1 hour of floor exercise and toning Weigh in on Monday and again on Friday morning. Check in with each other to encourage each other this week. We can do this!!
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
If you are starving then you should eat. Your body is hungry. Just b/c you decide to eat something doesn't mean it has to be something bad. How about keeping it to 3 or 4 points? Or even do a 1 point apple if you really can't spare the points. I personally just eat something if I am hungry as long as the points are low and then can go to bed feeling much more satisfied.
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Looking for a ww buddy
Hey Tammy! I have a great group of buddies here so feel free to join with me if you'd like! Rachel
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
I like my spanx a lot as well. I also wear Assests. I have the higher power spanx that smooth all the way up to the bra line and the regular assests for clothes that I don't need to worry as much about my tummy. I love having a totally smooth line in pants. In fact I really notice when people wear panties with some unflattering panty lines under their pants. I think it looks so much better. I do have to get a hold of the bathroom thing with the spanx though- I have not mastered that quite yet!
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
This is a frustrating thing that happens all the time. If he is trying to lose weight, men always take it off faster than we do. This is b/c they have more muscle mass and muscle burns fat at a much faster rate. Once they start trying, it can come off way faster than for us. So, we need to focus on you! Let his race be his and yours be yours. Focus on where you want to be in attainable goals, like in a month. Then each week track how you are doing. Like say losing 2 lbs per week. What can you do or change to get there? Eat and eat well, but make it the right stuff. You won't lose if you starve yourself. Are you following any kind of a plan right now and have you started exercising yet? I guarantee you if you do these things, you will get the results you want. So don't look back at where you've been- look at where you will be and make it happen. You are only a month away from being in the 100's. You can do this!! Let us know if you need tips on what to do. I would recommend eating whole foods- proteins, spinach, cottage cheese, fruits, veggies, etc as your staples and try to ditch as much of the junk as you can. Get moving too as that will get your metabolism revved up. Hope that inspires you to feel a little better and hopeful that you can do this!
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Same to you!! Have a great week!
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
great work out capri pants
I have been trying on lots of capri work out pants and finally found a great pair in case anyone has been looking too! I ordered the Land's End sport performance capris in black. They are pricey at $35 but the fabric quality is so nice and it has a wide waistband that goes up a little higher that smooths out the tummy which I need! There is also a zippered pocket for your i-pod. The bottom is not too big, not too loose around the leg. I washed them and they didn't seem to shrink at all. I wanted to order the pants like this but they are backordered. The size is pretty true to their size chart. I ordered a medium and normally wear an 8/10. I found them to be worth the higher price. Hope the tip helps if anyone has been looking too!
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Never heard of it. What is it? By the way, you have such a cute family!
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Biggest Loser-Biggest Fraud?
I am a fan of the show and often turned to my husband and got a little frustrated with myself saying things like "she started out so much bigger than me and now she is smaller than me!" and thinking of how can they lose so much and me barely a pound a week. He kept reminding me it is their job there, that's all they have to do and they have trainers. So in the real world it is unrealistic to think we could spend 6 hours exercising, but it is a game they are playing too and a tv show. I like to follow their changes and their weight loss journey, but we can't compare it to what is realistic for us in real life and think we can have the same results in that amount of time (unless we have 6 hours to work out and someone making our meals!)
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Did you watch "How to Lose Weight with Paul McKenna"?
I have been trying these principles since last night and I think it really is working!! I am eating less and I haven't been stressing about what I am eating. For dinner I made what I wanted- shrimp sauteed in real butter and garlic with whole wheat noodles and even ate a piece of garlic bread which I never let myself have. I ate such a small portion and was satisfied. Today also I have had 2 great eating opportunities and ate much less than I usually do. I feel like I am really paying attention to what I am eating instead of just wolfing it down. I am actually getting more enjoyment out of it and eating less. I had a wrap sandwich at lunch and it was very easy to take half of it home b/c I was full. I think this could really work! My weigh in day is Thursday so we will see where I am at. Today though I was less than I was yesterday. I do the official weigh in once a week though for a consistent result.
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Did you watch "How to Lose Weight with Paul McKenna"?
I watched this show last night with his 4 golden rules to weight loss. It was really good and seemed to make sense. Did anyone watch this? What did you think? I am going to try the eating conciously party-fork down between every bite and eating slowly, enjoying every bite. We do tend to chow down mindlessly a lot of times, taking in more than we need to.
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Weight stall
I agree with that you do need to get your heart rate up too. Also, it helps to change things up a bit in your routine so your body doesn't get used to the same thing all the time. Add some weights too if you can to build lean muscle which will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hrs. after you work out. Also, make sure the calories you are eating are good ones- natural, higher protein foods versus packaged crap will do much more for your body- ie 1% cottage cheese with some fruit on top has calcium, protein and other nutrients versus a 100 cal. pack that has nothing good to work on and will spike your hunger again. Those weight stalls are frustrating but try these things and keep pressing on and you will see progress, even if it's slow!
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
Diet Pop
I had a post titled "diet soda-no good?" a few weeks ago if you go through the posts, or even specifically the abs diet posts. There is a lot of good info there for you and links to great articles.
by livelifefully (submitted 11 years ago)
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