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My "meals" do often not even make the plate
by liv001 (submitted a day ago)
Artificial Sweetener
It is because fact secret does not allow us to deduct the sugar alcohol so they get listed as carbs...
by liv001 (submitted 5 days ago)
New to Keto
It is very usual to see a stall in second or third week. Keep your carbs under 20 net carbs. Measure and count carefully. It will work out!!!
by liv001 (submitted a week ago)
calorie help
by liv001 (submitted a week ago)
Does the app have a barcode scanner?
The app has a scanner (I do android but I doubt the apple is much different) However it is probably harder to find items with scanner than just typing. Not that much seem to be in the data base with scanning. You should be able to see something called "add custom foods" when you try to enter a food and then you can enter you food. Hope it will work for you. Oh you can find the scanner under the photo button when you get the app
by liv001 (submitted a week ago)
Figuring this all out
What do you wonder about with "doing right"... using fat secret? I think you are doing fine. Most people will post their thoughts in their journals. This is the forum and it is not visited by many. Up to you how you want to use the tools that are here. Good luck with your calorie counting
by liv001 (submitted a week ago)
Cottage Cheese
Good tip!!!
by liv001 (submitted 2 weeks ago)
New to this
I do not think that there is unfortunately. Hope you will take the plunge. The journals are fun to do. Not that many people read the forum because you cannot access it with the app. Good luck on your journey Inari
by liv001 (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Unsure how to log two recipes?
You can make a custom food Steve. It is what I do with recipes. Not sure how the app does things but this is easy to do on the website
by liv001 (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Unsure how to log two recipes?
So the beer was not the braising liquid. If it was in the liquid just count a bit of it. If you drank it well then that is another story LOL
by liv001 (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Meal Photos
Most people who wants to share have a public profile. Yours is not. When you have a public profile you will have a journal accessible to people and that is where most people post their meal pics. If you use website you can upload them. If you use the app you can take pictures with it and post them directly
by liv001 (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Unsure how to log two recipes?
There are a lot of instances like this. We just have make our best estimates and live with that. When it comes to the chicken thighs and I would log them as baked or grilled and that should be close enough. For the braising liquid... you could measure it or you could just add in a small amount that you guess on. It is what I would do. Sounds like you are doing some great cooking there. Sous vide sounds like great fun
by liv001 (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Awesome Low Carb Recipe!
It looks great. I will try it when I find some good portobello.
by liv001 (submitted a month ago)
Height and Whey protein!!
I think your height depends on your genes. You can have good posture and wear heals but other than that you cannot really change it. As for whey... there is nothing wrong with whey protein. It absorbs fast and is good for people who want to build muscles. They tend to take it right after a workout. But good luck. You may still grow and be healthy!!!!
by liv001 (submitted a month ago)
Exercise Alternatives
shadow boxing with some light weights? Do different moves and directions. It can be fun.
by liv001 (submitted a month ago)
800 calories
Yeah do not starve yourself. Try to find a reasonable amount to eat and make sure you have a good amount of protein in there. Good luck. And do not worry so much about the result it will work. We do not see loss every week... weightloss is not linear. As for exercise I do not know what you can do. Is there a health professional you can discuss this with. I think as we age...resistance training (with weights, bands or body weight) is very very important.
by liv001 (submitted 2 months ago)
intermittent fasting
I have done IF for maybe a year and a half. I do not have much for struggles. I am very flexible eating when it feels right. I can overeat so IF works nice for control. You are eating very little so overeating does not seem to be your issue. I suggest maybe playing around with different things. I believe metabolism needs to be "exercised" so eat a bit different a few times a week and see. Good luck
by liv001 (submitted 2 months ago)
egne opskrifter
Kan du se en lenke some sier oppskrifter når du logger din mat? Jeg bruker den.
by liv001 (submitted 2 months ago)
Carbs, protein and exercise
Cottage cheese? Overnight oats with protein yogurt? Protein drinks with berries or greens
by liv001 (submitted 2 months ago)
Are Forums available on the Android App?
They are not available on the App, it looks like
by liv001 (submitted 2 months ago)
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My "meals" do often not even make the plate
by liv001 on 02 Jul 20 05:45 PM

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