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Butt Booster???
Squatting is just not a great glute exercise, despite what everyone seems to suggest/think. It's mostly a quad dominant exercise with a little assistance from glutes. Glute bridges, glute kickbacks, lunges, and deadlifts are all far, far *far* better exercises for this. The first two I listed are glute isolations and work only your glutes.
by ieGod (submitted a month ago)
Fat content in foods
Just enter it into the daily calendar. It'll give you a fat tally.
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
How do you deal with the junk food cravings
If you have low self control I recommend throwing out the food in your house. Just keep the essentials; meat, fruit, veggies, dairy, raw ingredients. No snacks. No easily consumable breads. Screw it.
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
Let's know each other :D
[quote=spacey48]your goal is pointless, adverse to health and likely impossible to achieve and let alone maintain Welcome to the forums[/quote] That's a pretty shitty attitude, especially since you don't know their personal scenario. BB competitors can get that low, and an important (basic even) requirement is caloric tracking. They might have decided on this site in particular. Who knows. Do whatever you need to do man. Don't let other people bring you down.
by ieGod (submitted 3 months ago)
Toning up the belly
Abdominal fat does not respond to area specific training. The only way to reduce it is to eat less calories than you expend over a long period of time.
by ieGod (submitted 3 months ago)
How to lose fat around arms
In general I'd agree with diablo, but there are some studies that show for untrained muscle areas you might actually benefit from a resistance regime with respect to subcutaneous fat in those areas, in particular if you are male (females see little to no change). But once you've reached the 'trained' state the effects are negligible, so at best you'll get a few months worth of benefit. The better approach is to continue managing your caloric intake. Sources: * [url=]Subcutaneous fat alterations resulting from an upper-body resistance training program[/url] * [url=]Regional fat changes induced by localized muscle endurance resistance training[/url] - untrained legs respond to resistance training * [url=]The effect of abdominal exercise on abdominal fat.[/url] - abdominal region does [b]not[/b] respond to specific training I always advocate a lifting routine anyway because it's literally a fountain of youth. The benefits are so immense, even if you don't/can't spot reduce.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
cooking with butter
Count the butter.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
Daily Macros
If you want to make sure you track everything, then yes.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
What Supplements do you use?
Coffee. God bless.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
Diet and drinking Beer specifically
Beer never helps. It's one of the few things that is truly detrimental to any weight loss or fitness goal. It's carb and sugar alcohol heavy. Your body can't process any other nutrients until it's handled the alcohol. It's dehydrating. It impedes muscle recovery. It suppresses testosterone production. But some people love it. So if you can work it into your macros go for it, but at 1300 calories you're going to be hard pressed to do so in a healthy manner. A single non-lite beer is going to run you at least 10% of your daily intake. That's huge. Good luck.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
Grouping items into a single entry?
Yep. Check the right hand menu when adding food to your diary. [img][/img] [img][/img] Once you're done with that, it'll show up in your saved meals when entering data in the future. [img][/img]
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
RDI. What is it? How Is it Figured?
[quote=futurehopenow]where do I put in the 2772 to determine my RDI please? How do I record it here on Fatsecret? [/quote] At the bottom of any particular food/journal entry you should see a link to set your Recommended Daily Intake. [img][/img] Click it and enter some info on the next page, then select Calculate my RDI. FatSecret will pull out a number but you can manually override this and set it to whatever you want.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
RDI. What is it? How Is it Figured?
RDI = recommended daily intake. The FatSecret one is pretty inaccurate in my experience. You should figure out your TDEE instead (Total daily energy expenditure) using zero-activity (that is, sedentary). This will give an estimate of how many calories you need to simply exist at your current weight, with zero activity. From here you can add or subtract calories based on your goals.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
Calories burned with sleeping+rest less than other BMR calculators online say?
We'll need a bit more info to help you out. Height, age and gender are typically factored in to the calculators as well as initial bodyweight. What you typically want is to enter all your information with no additional activities (selecting sedentary) and omitting any activities, including sleep. This will give you an estimate of your baseline.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
You sure you should be happy that your body isn't at normal operating levels? Best of luck with whatever condition you're dealing with.
by ieGod (submitted 5 months ago)
Why can't I enter my own cals, fat and NET carbs when I add a new food to my daily food diary
There is a net carbs view you can display, I hope you're aware. The calculator is rather simple (and correct) in that total carbs simply adds up all carbs (including fibre). Net shows the total minus fibre. Likely the Atkins bar is only showing you the net carbs and claiming it's the same as total carbs (which isn't true, btw).
by ieGod (submitted 5 months ago)
Why can't I enter my own cals, fat and NET carbs when I add a new food to my daily food diary
If net carbs is really 2, then you should enter 11 under fibre and the rest under sugar or other. It should tally up net properly this way.
by ieGod (submitted 5 months ago)
Amount of calories and exercise to lose weight
[quote=Afurakani][quote=Diablo360x][quote=Afurakani] You are too stupid to use science. [/quote] Your writing is incredibly simplistic which leads me to believe you actually have no idea what the science is saying, even in the articles you linked. Here's a more relevant study for your point #3 related to meal frequency. TLDR: No difference. Still not convinced? How about an article that took a look at over 30 scientific publications on the matter. Science isn't cherry picking one study and extrapolating a single idea that supports your agenda.
by ieGod (submitted 5 months ago)
Carbs yay or nay
No. A recent study of a Bolivian tribe studied their heart health. Their diet is carb heavy, low-fat, and low-protein. The results are that they have the best cardiovascular health ever studied, likely due to appropriate calorie consumption and sufficient exercise. So no, you don't have to cut carbs at all. Keto, atkins, etc., are approaches to dieting that *can* work, but aren't guaranteed. Eat less, move more. It's simple. Don't overthink it.
by ieGod (submitted 5 months ago)
Alcohol absolutely counts towards your calories, and it's incredibly dense. Furthermore, your body processes alcohol before it can do anything with other sources of nutrition. Alcohol also slows protein synthesis, lowers testosterone, and can as we all know cause dehydration. So if you work out, it's detrimental to recovery and muscle growth. A drink or two here and there isn't going to impede your journey, a few binge nights here and there will be a minor setback, but if you make a common habit of it you might want to reconsider your approach. Also make smarter drinking choices:
by ieGod (submitted 6 months ago)
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